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Go RVing to Release Updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile with Custom Research Options

Go RVing, in collaboration with market insights group Ipsos, is preparing to release an updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile later this year. 

This comprehensive study aims to provide fresh, actionable insights into the ownership habits and preferences of future, current, and former RV owners, a critical step for the RV industry to understand its evolving customer base.

The 2024 Consumer Demographic Profile will delve into the behaviors and motivations of RV consumers, offering a detailed look at who they are and what they value, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

By identifying and segmenting unique groups of RV intenders, the profile will help the industry improve its services, marketing strategies, and communication efforts, ensuring a more targeted approach to different consumer segments.

New this year, RVIA members will have the opportunity to engage Ipsos for proprietary research. This initiative allows companies to benchmark their customer data against the aggregate findings of the demographic profile. 

By participating, companies can gain a deeper understanding of how their customer base aligns with or differs from broader industry trends.

Participating companies will have the option to include up to five custom questions in the survey, enabling them to gather tailored insights specific to their needs. 

Upon completion of the survey, these companies will receive custom reports that compare their data with industry-wide results, highlighting any differences in customer profiles, habits, or segmentations.

The ability to segment results by individual divisions or brands adds another layer of precision to the insights. This granular level of detail equips companies with the tools needed for informed decision-making, allowing for more effective marketing efforts and customer engagement strategies.

The impact of these insights on the industry is significant. By providing a common discussion point for future strategies and improvements, the updated demographic profile will serve as a valuable resource for the RV industry. This initiative is part of a broader trend of data-driven decision-making that is becoming increasingly essential in many industries.

The associated costs for this proprietary research will be borne by individual RV Industry Association members. However, the strategic benefits derived from these detailed insights are expected to far outweigh the investment. Interested members are encouraged to contact Tim Reimer, vice president of Ipsos, for more information.

Expert insights underscore the value of this initiative. Tim Reimer emphasizes, “This initiative offers a unique opportunity for companies to align their strategies with the evolving landscape of RV ownership.”

As the RV industry continues to grow, understanding the dynamic profiles of its customers is crucial. The upcoming release of the updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile by Go RVing, along with the opportunity for custom research, marks a significant milestone. 

This comprehensive approach not only provides a detailed look at the current and future landscape of RV ownership but also empowers companies to tailor their strategies for greater success in an increasingly competitive market.

By harnessing these insights, the RV industry is well-positioned to navigate the future with confidence, armed with the knowledge needed to meet the needs of its diverse and evolving customer base.

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Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner
May 21, 2024 5:02 pm

Isn’t it intriguing how the RV Consumer Demographic Profile dives into not just demographics but also regional trends and buying habits? This report is like a treasure trove for RVIA members, offering a roadmap to spot new trends and level up their strategic game. Exciting stuff, right?

May 21, 2024 5:33 pm
Reply to  Andrew Turner

Oh hey there! Totally, the RV Consumer Demographic Profile digs into more than just demographics. It’s like discovering a gold mine of RV world insights!

Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown
May 21, 2024 10:37 pm
Reply to  BlueCamoFox75

It’s amazing how these profiles provide valuable insights into RV enthusiasts. Have you considered how this data could shape future camping experiences? Just pondering the possibilities!

May 21, 2024 9:26 pm

What do you think about the upcoming release from Go RVing? They’re updating the RV consumer profile to help businesses like ours step up their marketing game. It’s all about connecting better with our audience. Can’t wait to see the fresh insights!

May 21, 2024 11:44 pm

RV enthusiasts! Big news! The updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile is dropping soon. It’s packed with fresh insights into RV owners’ habits and preferences, helping businesses like ours fine-tune strategies to better serve our customers. Super exciting stuff!

May 22, 2024 7:32 am

RV enthusiasts and industry buffs! How exciting is this news? We’re about to dig into the latest RV trends and insights with Go RVing and Ipsos’ upcoming RV Consumer Demographic Profile. And for RVIA members, personalized research is the secret sauce to fine-tune strategies and stay ahead in the ever-evolving RV world. Let’s explore together!

Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
May 22, 2024 7:54 am

I just wanted to share my take on the updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile by Go RVing. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for RVIA members to really delve into their customer base and industry trends, giving them the edge in tailoring marketing strategies and engaging with customers. Cool stuff!

May 22, 2024 8:12 am

I’m thrilled to share that the updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile will delve into the latest RV owner trends, helping companies connect better with their audience. It’s awesome that custom questions can be added for personalized insights, empowering companies to enhance customer understanding and engagement strategies.

May 22, 2024 8:37 am

Did you know that the updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile from Go RVing and Ipsos offers a goldmine of insights for RVIA members? It’s like having a secret weapon to understand your customers better and level up your marketing game. Dive in, ask those custom questions, and unlock success!

George Bailey
George Bailey
May 22, 2024 11:56 am

Did you catch that Go RVing’s new customer profile will cover cool trends like boondocking and off-grid camping? Companies can now dig into Ipsos data for tailored insights and industry comparisons. 🚐✨

Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy
May 22, 2024 1:03 pm

Are you ready to uncover the gems in the upcoming RV Consumer Demographic Profile? It’s like a treasure hunt, guiding businesses to the jackpot of tailored customer insights. With the chance to ask specific questions, we can crack the secret recipe for connecting with RV enthusiasts on a whole new level!


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