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From Campgrounds to Destinations: How USA Camping Company Elevates Traditional Campgrounds to Resort-Level

Outdoor experience provider USA Camping Company is expanding its footprint in the campground and RV park industry by acquiring new properties and upgrading existing ones, all while emphasizing community integration. This growth is fueled by a shared love of the outdoors, a commitment to enhancing guest experiences, and a focus on sustainable practices.

Image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

In an exclusive interview earlier this year, Modern Campground spoke to Scott Cleveland, marketing manager for USA Camping Company, who oversees the marketing efforts for the company’s 13 campgrounds, RV parks, and cabin resorts. 

“The Shared Love of Outdoors”

Born and raised in Colorado, Cleveland’s passion for the outdoors began with camping trips in his home state. This love for nature led him to guide backcountry trips for kids before transitioning to marketing roles in the outdoor industry.

Image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

The company was founded by CEO Danny Mulcahy, who identified a niche in the market for high-quality RV parks and campgrounds. Starting with a single RV park, Mulcahy has grown the company to include multiple parks, with plans for further expansion. Mulcahy’s background in finance helped him develop a business model that focuses on acquiring and managing parks in desirable outdoor locations.

Cleveland highlighted that the company’s growth is driven by a shared love of the outdoors. “It all starts with the shared love of the outdoors, camping, and experiencing the beauty nature provides. We then use our personal knowledge, experiences, and insights to create immersive resorts that deliver the best possible experience for our guests,” he said.

Focusing on Value Add

According to the marketing manager, USA Camping Company differentiates itself by investing in amenities and upgrades that enhance the guest experience. 

Image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

Cleveland explained that the company focuses on value-added improvements such as updating bathrooms, adding dog parks and playgrounds, and improving WiFi systems.

“We want our resorts to be the ideal base camps for adventure. Not only does that mean high-quality standard amenities like Wi-Fi, restrooms, showers, laundry, and camp stores, but we also want to add improvements that highlight the unique backdrops of each resort. Whether that is a 360-rooftop deck in Moab, a 250-foot pier into the ocean, or onsite hiking trails, we prioritize the amenities that will bring the most value to our guests. Ultimately, we want amenities that we ourselves would use when we stay at the resorts,”  he said. 

But more than updating amenities, creating dog parks, adding playgrounds, and improving WiFi systems and bathrooms, he emphasized the importance of ensuring that the park functions well within the community and benefits everyone involved.

“[USA Camping Company focuses on] how we can ensure our parks function within the community they are a part of. We strive to provide a resort that offers a broad set of accommodations as well as work with our neighbors to make decisions that benefit everyone. If we can attract the right guests, and ensure they enjoy their vacations, it not only benefits us, but also the broader community,” Cleveland told Modern Campground.

The company aims to transform traditional mom-and-pop campgrounds into base camps with resort-style offerings catering to a broader demographic. They strive to provide a wide array of amenities and accommodations to enhance the overall guest experience.

Image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

Beyond the amenities, the company’s strategy sets them apart through their choice of park locations. According to Cleveland, all of their parks are situated in remarkable outdoor settings, including rivers, streams, lakes, and beaches. This focus on prime outdoor locations is a key aspect of their business model.

This strategic location choice is a key differentiator for USA Camping Company. “We target people who want to get out and experience the beauty of nature and the countless wonders that America has to offer, all while having a safe, comfortable, and inviting place to return to at night. Whether they are traveling to the Oregon coast, the Ozarks, or the stunning lakes and beaches of Texas, our locations are what set us apart,” Cleveland noted.

One of the significant achievements of USA Camping Company last year was the acquisition of a park in Moab, Utah, and another in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which includes a five-mile cave system. These acquisitions are part of the company’s strategy to enhance guest experiences by offering unique amenities and attractions.

The marketing manager, in an email sent earlier last week, also announced the completion of the 42-site expansion at Honey Bear by the Sea on the Oregon coast. This expansion will cater to the growing trend of larger RVs and provide guests with full hookup sites. 

Image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

Commitment to Communities and Sustainability

USA Camping Company’s growth strategy also includes a strong commitment to community integration and sustainability.

The company partners with local chambers of commerce and event managers to support community events and ensure mutual benefits. “We look at everyone in our communities as partners,” Cleveland said.

“We work with the local chambers of commerce, tourism offices, and other organizations that work to bring tourism to communities. Our goal is to make mutually beneficial partnerships that ensure we are all working to the same beat.”

This approach to community integration is beneficial for both the company and the local communities. It helps USA Camping Company establish strong relationships with local stakeholders and contributes to the overall well-being of the communities where their parks are located.

Cleveland emphasized that the company’s goal is to provide the best level of service at each of its locations. “We have very specific criteria that we use to analyze potential properties to understand if they would be a good fit for us,” he said. “We aren’t just the owners; we are also the ones operating the resorts and managing them on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is always to provide the level of service that we could expect at the campgrounds that we visit.”

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, USA Camping Company’s approach offers valuable insights into successful growth strategies. By focusing on high-quality amenities, prime locations, and community integration, operators can enhance guest experiences and achieve sustainable growth.

As USA Camping Company continues to expand, its focus on enhancing guest experiences, integrating with local communities, and prioritizing sustainability will likely serve as a model for other operators in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry. By aligning their strategies with these principles, operators can create successful and sustainable businesses that provide exceptional outdoor experiences for their guests.

Featured image by USA Camping Company via facebook.com/USACampingCo

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