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News for December 8, 2022

EVs & The Environment: Why Campgrounds Should Start Being EV-Friendly


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Electric vehicles (EVs) have boomed in the last decade as an essential tool in fighting transport-related emissions and climate change. According to the report by the IEA, the global EV inventory is predicted to rise from 11 million in 2020 to more than 145 million in 2030 if the growth persists.

The emergence of EVs has affected numerous markets around the globe and has created a positive impact on the environment since it does not produce any emissions. 

The camping and RV industries are also impacted by its rise. Manufacturers already began conceptualizing and building RVs that run on electric batteries, like Winnebago with its e-RV, which runs solely on electricity and still has features of an RV space.

During the 2022 Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo’s (OHCE) session about the future of EVs, Alleyn Harned from National Drive Smart said that automotive manufacturers have already announced vehicles, like the Hummer, that run on electric batteries, which are now being sold for an extra hundred thousand dollars over prices.

“The federal government announced nearly a billion dollars [to manufacture] electric school buses, heavy-duty vehicles that were funded last month,” Harned said. “Class eight truck are [also] being sold from Volvo.”

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) even said in one of its reports that the camping industry may experience even more important changes as more campers and RVers start using EVs for their means of transportation.

They said that some campgrounds may not have charging stations yet for EVs. However, since its management has known how to power RVs for years, they still have the knowledge of the equipment needed to recharge these vehicles.

Harned said the quantity of EVs manufactured is not enough for the number of people planning to own them, but they really want this technology. The use of these vehicles will “start and stop,” just like how they used gasoline [and] then diesel over the last 90 years.

Since he is also president of the National Clean Cities Group called “the Transportation Interview Partners,” they have been working to help reduce environmental issues nationwide.

“The Clean Cities program is accessible nationwide. So, [in regard to] brands, chargers, or information about local programs, you can call Clean Cities [for help]. Clean Cities Coalitions are also launching Drive Electric State chapters,” he said when discussing how campgrounds can inquire about accommodating EVs.

Harned mentioned that other than reduced emissions, EVs provide a financial benefit for campgrounds since electricity is almost “a dollar a gallon” compared to gasoline. He added that consumers could also become fond of them easily since they are quick and fun to use, as well as that every EV has a 110 charger set in its trunk.

“These vehicles, the trucks, and the RVs that are coming with much larger capacity, larger range batteries will need vapor equipment increasingly, but it doesn’t always need to be DC fast chargers,” he said.

“And so the residential 110 outlets that you offer for folks to charge their laptops will also work to some respects for charging.”

He said it is more important for campground owners to start “build that curve” or “be part of that transition” to take full advantage of this particular customer base.

“It’s, you know, making a little bit of incremental progress. What can businesses do to figure out whether they’re doing the right thing to get there? And I can,” he said.

Harned said if the owners need help finding grants, tax credits, or utilities and other equipment to accommodate EVs, they can connect with Clean Cities Coalition to start their transition.

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