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News for September 30, 2023

Greenbelt Park Near D.C. Reopens Hiking Trails and Picnic Areas After Severe Windstorm

Greenbelt Park, a natural oasis located just ten miles from Washington, D.C., reopened its hiking trails and picnic areas on March 10 following a severe windstorm that caused extensive damage to the park in July 2022. 

The National Park Service (NPS) has worked diligently to remove fallen and hazardous trees in the park’s picnic areas and nine miles of trails with the help of an NPS Arborist Incident Response (AIR) team. 

The team is made up of tree care professionals from several national parks who specialize in addressing tree damage often resulting from emergency events, according to a news release by the NPS.

While one section of the Perimeter Trail at the southern end of the park will remain closed for repairs, all other major trails will be open for hiking. The NPS looks forward to welcoming back visitors and neighbors to Greenbelt Park, which offers a peaceful respite from city life with its surrounding forest and streams.

According to Tara D. Morrison, National Capital Parks-East superintendent, “I appreciate the community’s patience as NPS staff and contractors worked diligently to address safety hazards throughout Greenbelt Park. We’re excited to reopen major areas of the park just in time for spring and look forward to seeing visitors and neighbors there.”

Greenbelt Park is home to nine miles of hiking trails, three picnic areas, 172 campsites, and more. The park offers a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy nature and experience a sense of calm in the midst of a bustling city. 

Its location just outside of Washington, D.C. makes it easily accessible to residents and tourists alike.

Since the windstorm in July 2022, the NPS has been working tirelessly to restore the park to its former glory. The Greenbelt Park campground was reopened on September 30, 2022, but the park’s hiking trails and picnic areas required additional resources to address the damage caused by the storm.

The NPS staff and contractors have removed more than 100 fallen and hazardous trees in the park, making it safe for visitors to enjoy once again. 

The assistance of the NPS Arborist Incident Response team was crucial in preparing the picnic areas and trails for reopening, and their expertise ensured that safety hazards were removed.

Visitors can reserve a campsite at Greenbelt Park on recreation.gov. For more information on the park’s reopening, please visit www.NPS.gov/GREE or follow the Greenbelt Facebook page.

Overall, the reopening of Greenbelt Park’s hiking trails and picnic areas is a significant milestone in the park’s recovery from the severe windstorm in July 2022. The NPS’s efforts to restore the park to its natural beauty will allow visitors to once again enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty that Greenbelt Park has to offer.


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