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News for August 8, 2022

RVs Fill Rincon Parkway Despite Record Gas Prices


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Record high gas prices have not put the breaks on people who like to travel in Recreational Vehicles (RV).

It’s the peak season for RVs on the Rincon Parkway (California), south of the Santa Barbara County line, and they seem to be parked daily along the Rincon for as far as the eye can see.

A Class A motorhome with a bus-like chassis usually comes with a fuel tank of 100 gallons, and filling up locally this month could cost around $630. The typical Class C or medium-sized motorhome has 25 gallons of fuel, so filling up could cost $157.

RVs can travel between 8 and 10 miles per gallon. The most significant driver decision is the distance they want to travel away from home.

Most want to be able to park by an ocean breeze, and that is what the Rincon delivers. RV travelers pay $43 a night along the parkway, with a 7-day limit.

RV owners believe it is less expensive than spending on hotels and restaurants.

Most RVs along the Rincon have California plates and travel an hour or two from neighboring California counties.

For a bit more money, RV campers can stay at Faria or Hobson Parks, where they have snack shops, bathrooms, and other supplies.

Nicky McCalla grabbed bags of ice from the new Faria Beach Market. This will be her fourth yearly visit to the park in June and July.

When asked about gas prices, she said, “They are ridiculous, super high, but it is not going to stop me from going on vacation you’ve got to get away.”

Early reservations are a must, with about 125 overnight spots along the Rincon Park and more in the parks. The spots are usually reserved 3-6 months in advance. It also has daytime spots that go quickly as well.

For more information, visit http://ventura.org/parks-department/beach-front-parks/rincon-parkway/.

This article originally appeared on Channel 12 News.


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