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We are an exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. We are Woman Owned & Run, based in Northern California, all our products are American Made, and we have licensed General Contractors in the State of California.

Since 1961, we have been serving the campground industry. It is designed to prevent back-ciphonage to your water supply thus stopping contamination and the spread of disease. The unique nozzle design keeps the camper’s hands out of the discharge flow.

We introduced Shower-trol, the original coin-operated hot shower systems. Since its introduction, Shower-trol has saved energy and conserved untold quantities of water. Shower-trol systems are today still saving water and energy, and reducing water waste and waste water treatment requirements. Shower-trol owners cover their operational costs and change this previous expense into an additional revenue source. Shower-trol is the most widely recognized and used system throughout the United States, Canada and the Carribbean. Its name is synonymous with water conservation.

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