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Floating Islands

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Our goal is to provide a solution to algae-ridden and nutrient-impaired bodies of water through the BioHaven Floating Island technology. This solution harnesses the natural biological processes to clean water by adapting designs from nature.

We are a West Coast manufacturer and distribution center for BioHaven® Floating Islands. We provide an innovative approach to world water and habitat issues by providing a full range of services, including island design, co-design, installation, as well as training. As a license holder & manufacturer of BioHaven® Floating Islands we are able to custom create islands to your specifications.

We offer a comprehensive source for passionate & professional restoration, regeneration & stewardship services for land, water, wildlife & forest resources.

We offer complete waterfront services to our commercial customers, camps, resorts, kid’s camps and municipalities. These services include: planning, design, sales, installations, removals and repairs of inflatable water parks and docks. Our company will ensure that all installations are implemented safely and completed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Waterfront Recreation Specialists works with and supports At The Lake Distributing ’s many dealers by allowing them to offer consumers a professional installation service.

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