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Family-owned and operated by Mike and Ann Rachel Wolf, Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop in Bloomfield, Connecticut was established in 1950 and is Connecticut’s oldest bike shop. We believe in treating everyone that walks through our doors with personal attention. “We are proud to be able to say that we are now taking care of third generation customers!” Even the town council lovingly calls Mike an “Icon” in Bloomfield.

Started by Len Mattioli after a lifetime of being a bicycle enthusiast. In 2012, he and his sons went for a long ride on traditional bikes around the lakes in Madison, WI. After the ride, Len suffered some aches and pains. He did some research to see if there was an easier way to cycle and purchased his first E-bike. He fell in love instantly. Len’s thoughts were “Everyone needs one of these in their garage!”

We design and manufacture the High Roller adult size big wheel drift trikes. Founded by Aerospace Engineer Matt Armbruster, the patent pending design of the High Roller blends your best memories of your childhood with the best materials and engineering of today that creates an experience that is simply beyond compare.

We make our bikes to ride. They are designed and built to be e-bikes from inception. Our bike’s features is off the scale. We have the longest warranty batteries of any line, best component level offered, most advanced power management system and the strongest motors. Our bikes are fast and efficient. All that said, they are cool! Fun meter is off the scale.

We use a rock solid technology with powerful motors and lithium ion batteries to give the rider the best experience.

We are a manufacturer of folding and compact electric bikes for commuters and urban cyclists alike. We are a proud North American company with roots in Montreal, Canada.

We are a family-owned and operated business located on the Gulf Coast of Northwestern Florida in the city of Pensacola. We pride ourselves in providing quality pedal karts at an exceptional value to our individual and commercial customers across the country and around the world.

Located in Northampton, Mass has been manufacturing and selling electric bicycles in Western Mass for over 15 years. This time, we are bringing tested bicycle to the U.S. market for electric bike stores, electric bike rental locations (RV parks, etc), and of course direct to the consumer.

Mike Radenbaugh built his first E-bike in 2007 as a way to get to high school and back, became totally obsessed, and founded Rad Power Bikes. For years he operated as a sole proprietorship, converting traditional bikes into electric bikes for local customers based on each person’s individual needs.

We recognize that our customers are the life blood of our business so we have committed to having excellent customer service. We understand that you might have questions before you buy and we’ll spend the time to answer those to your satisfaction. We have been an Authorized Segway Dealer for more than 14 years and those years of experience and learning will help you get the most from your Segway PT.

Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.

Our Desoto Classic was first introduced in 1963, and we have been creating three wheeled mobility solutions ever since. Trailmate began in Sarasota, FL, but today we operate out of our plant in Jacksonville, Florida. Many of our Trailmate products are built right here in the USA. Our skilled workers utilize premium materials and the safest, most efficient production practices available. 

We’ve always had an affinity for recreation. While vacationing in Italy in 1987, our founder Brian McInerney came across the 4-wheel multi-passenger Surrey cycle. Having had a long affinity for bicycles, he sought out the manufacturer and purchased a container of Surreys before returning to the States.

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