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News for March 27, 2023

Swalwell Holiday Group Furthers Plans For Holiday Park Expansion As Barrier Gets Removed


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Swalwell Holiday Group will no longer have to fund the road upgrades required to add caravans to Auchenlarie Holiday Park (United Kingdom).

A barrier to the expansion of a holiday park has finally been removed, according to a report.

Swalwell Holiday Group has been attempting to add 30 caravans to Auchenlarie Holiday Park near Gatehouse for over a decade.

But although planning permission was granted in 2010, a requirement to carry out road upgrades has proved an obstacle to the development.

Transport Scotland has now said an upcoming “route review” means they will be responsible for funding improvements rather than the park owners.

Swalwell Holiday Group initially tried adding 50 caravans to the popular site, but the council rejected that in 2009.

The following year, they were permitted 30 new caravans – but three of the attached conditions included road improvements, making the upgrade financially unviable.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Record UK.

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