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News for November 28, 2022

Netherlands Sees Record Number In Tourism Bookings


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The number of guests in the hotel was 15% more than in Q3 of the previous year and 4% more than in pre-pandemic 2019, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

In the third quarter, 5.4 million international tourists resided in Dutch accommodations,  double the number compared to 2021 but less than before the coronavirus in 2019.

The number of Dutch visitors who booked an overnight stay during the third quarter declined by 8%  to 9.2 million, as reported by the NL Times.

Tourists have booked 49.7 million night stays in total in Dutch accommodations in the third quarter, 7% more than in the same period last year.

Hotels had 8.6 million visitors, 27% more than a year ago, while group accommodations hosted 528,000 guests. In both of these accommodations, the number of foreign tourists nearly doubled compared to the previous year.

There was a surge in international visitors to the holiday parks and camping sites by more than 80%. Only group accommodations had more Dutch guests during the quarter.

Most international tourists visiting the Netherlands during the quarter were mostly from Germany, with 2.2 million, and Belgium, with 714,000.

Compared with the third quarter of 2021, the number of guests coming from the United Kingdom increased the most, by 675%, with 464,000. Most guests from across the globe originated from the United States, with 524,000.

The massive rise in international tourism can be due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions, which remain in force in 2021.

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