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Drainage Dilemmas in Laois: Glamping Site’s Ambitions Soaked by Water Woes

In the serene setting of Ballybrophy, Borris-in-Ossory in Ireland, a glamping site envisioned as a tourist haven faces a daunting challenge. Despite significant investments to bolster Laois County’s tourism, the site is grappling with persistent drainage problems. 

Water runoff from a nearby public road has been inundating the property, undermining the site’s potential as a tranquil retreat.

The issue caught the attention of local councilors, with Councilor John King of Fine Gael raising the alarm. His concerns, echoed by Councillor Conor Bergin, highlight the site’s struggle against waterlogging. 

District Engineer Edmond Kenny’s response, involving plans for trial holes to assess the situation, indicates a proactive approach but also underscores the complexity of the problem, as reported by Laois Live.

This drainage debacle isn’t isolated. Similar issues ripple across Laois, like those in a Portlaoise housing estate, painting a picture of a county-wide infrastructural challenge. These recurring problems signal a need for a more comprehensive solution, transcending individual cases.

Laois County Council isn’t turning a blind eye. Efforts are underway to tackle these widespread drainage issues, reflecting a commitment to infrastructural resilience. This proactive stance is crucial for the county’s overall environmental and economic health.

Central to these efforts is the Laois Storm Water Management Policy, established in 2007. This policy champions Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), advocating for a shift from conventional drainage solutions to more sustainable, nature-based approaches. SuDS aim to mimic natural processes, offering a greener, more efficient way to manage stormwater.

The policy sets stringent requirements for new developments. These include maintaining pre-development water flow levels, ensuring no flooding for a 1 in 30-year flood, and preparing for excess water in a 1 in 100-year flood. These guidelines reflect a forward-thinking approach to urban planning and environmental management.

For the glamping site, these drainage woes are more than an inconvenience; they threaten viability. The waterlogging damages the property and deters tourists, impacting the site’s economic prospects. This situation exemplifies the broader impact of infrastructural issues on local businesses.

The drainage problems at the glamping site have broader economic implications. They highlight the critical link between infrastructure and tourism, a key economic driver for Laois. Addressing these issues is essential for the county’s economic growth and the sustainability of its tourism sector.

Addressing these challenges calls for innovative solutions like SuDS. These systems offer a sustainable way to manage stormwater, reducing runoff and flooding. Their implementation, however, requires collaboration among various stakeholders and a commitment to long-term environmental goals.

Laois County Council’s plans involve a continued focus on improving infrastructure and effectively managing stormwater. This includes exploring and implementing SuDS and other innovative solutions, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

For further inquiries, Laois County Council can be contacted at 057 86 74352.

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February 20, 2024 1:23 am

The Laois County Council’s dedicated approach to tackling county-wide drainage issues is admirable, reflecting a genuine commitment to ensuring the infrastructural resilience of the region. By implementing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in line with the Laois Storm Water Management Policy, the council is taking significant steps to mitigate waterlogging and enhance environmental sustainability across the county. What are your thoughts on the council’s efforts to combat drainage problems?


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