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Knaus Tabbert AG Celebrates Record €1B Revenue in 2022, Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Knaus Tabbert AG, a leading German leisure vehicle manufacturer, has announced a record-breaking revenue of over €1 billion during the 2022 fiscal year.

As per a report, this marks the first time the company has achieved this impressive milestone. With a 21.7% (€187 million) increase compared to the previous year, Knaus Tabbert AG invoiced 29,556 units across the group, up from 25,922 units in the previous fiscal year.

The company credits its remarkable success to Germany’s persistent demand for leisure vehicles.

Knaus Tabbert AG reached this significant milestone despite continuous challenges across supply chains. The company believes that the full sales potential still needs to be realized due to these challenges.

Carolin Schürmann, the chief financial officer of Knaus Tabbert AG, emphasized the company’s decision to retain and provide further training to its employees in order to capitalize on the high production capacity in the final quarter of the year.

She added that the high production capacity utilization and an improved product mix would contribute to enhanced earnings quality in the current fiscal year 2023, with available chassis.

Wolfgang Speck, CEO of Knaus Tabbert AG, described 2022 as a year of extremes for the company. He highlighted the introduction of four new motorized chassis, a total of 16 new models for motor homes and camper vans, and an extensive investment program. However, these achievements were repeatedly countered by production interruptions due to significant problems with the reliability of supply chains.

Despite the challenges, Speck noted that the record revenues and slightly lower EBITDA margin than in previous years showcase the high adaptability of the entire Knaus Tabbert AG Group. The company’s resilience in the face of an inefficient start-stop production mode allowed it to thrive in a challenging market.

With the introduction of new chassis and the increased stability in supply chains, Knaus Tabbert AG is now on a promising path to renewed strength and higher profitability. The company’s ability to overcome obstacles while maintaining a steadfast focus on innovation and customer satisfaction is a testament to its position as a significant player in the leisure vehicle industry.


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