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News for August 14, 2022

Grey Highlands Council Defers 13-Site Campground Proposal


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Grey Highlands council (Ontario, Canada) has deferred a re-zoning and Official Plan application to allow the re-establishment of a campground at Lake Eugenia.

As per a report, at its June 1 meeting, the council voted to defer the Hawthorne Cottages application until proponents can finish a study that examines servicing options for the property.

The application has been in the planning process since 2019. An earlier attempt to reestablish the campground was denied by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) in 2018.

The property was once the location of a small campground, but it shut down years back. If granted, the campground will establish 13 campsites located at the corner of 8th Concession and Hawthorne Lane.

Director of Planning and Building Services Michael Benner said that the project’s proponents have completed a great deal of work and have completed several studies related to the project and seeking a decision on the proposal.

Benner planning policies require a Serving Options Study to be approved by Grey County and Grey Highlands. The study would identify water and wastewater servicing options at the proposed campground.

“We’re bound by these policies,” said Benner, who recommended the application be deferred until the study is submitted.

Benner told the council that the proponents have proposed that the campground be serviced by portable toilets and holding tanks.

“They would like us now to call the question to defer or move forward,” said Benner.

The recommendation from staff led to an extensive discussion at the council table. Mayor Paul McQueen noted that historically the new development at Lake Eugenia had not been allowed because a Lake Carrying Capacity Study (LCCS) is required. McQueen asked if that study was required for this application. Benner explained that the LCCS for a single proposed development would be too scoped to have an impact.

Councilor Dane Nielsen said the application had been in the hands of the municipal office for a while and that it was now time for an answer.

“I feel like (the proponents) deserve an answer as to whether or not council can support a campground at this site or not,” Nielsen said.

Councilor Cathy Little preferred the deferral route.

“We will make a decision to give the applicants an opportunity to address these concerns. They have done a lot; they just haven’t done it all,” Little said.

This story originally appeared on Collingwood Today


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