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Scots Bay Campground Approval Faces Local Concern

A business owner in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia, has filed an appeal against the council’s decision to approve a campground project. Lindsay Steele, who raises show horses and broiler chickens on her adjacent property, voiced opposition over the approval granted by the Municipality of the County of King’s Council.

According to an article published by CBC News on May 29, Steele contends that the council disregarded expert opinions presented during a public hearing. These experts included a veterinarian and specialists in traffic, transportation, and agriculture.

Additionally, Steele’s appeal to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board argues that the council’s decision does not align with the municipal planning strategy. She cites the strategy’s emphasis on prioritizing agricultural uses over other land uses.

The proposed 40-hectare campground site is zoned for a mix of agricultural, residential, and resource uses. Steele, along with other community members, believes that transforming the land into a campground would infringe on its agricultural designation and disrupt nearby farms.

Julie Skaling, the property owner planning to develop the campground, stated that she has not commenced any work on the project. “Other than some minor landscaping around the house and some cleaning up on the property this summer, I will wait to do anything further until the appeal is complete,” Skaling said in the report.

The Scots Bay campground development underscores the importance of communicating with local residents and stakeholders early in the development process, which offers important lessons for future campground operators and RV park owners. By actively consulting with the community and considering their concerns, developers can identify potential issues and address them proactively, preventing conflicts before they escalate.

Community engagement can also gather valuable local insights that could influence the campground’s design and operation. This can foster collaboration and trust between developers and residents, leading to smoother project approvals and better community relations.

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