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KOA Report: Younger Canadians Lead Camper Profile

Kampgrounds of America (KOA), a prominent figure in the outdoor hospitality industry with over 500 campgrounds across North America, has unveiled its first-ever Canada annual report. This extension of KOA’s annual Camping and Outdoor Hospitality Report includes consumer research and insights, highlighting the evolution and continued growth of camping across Canada over the past decade.

The report reveals that over 10 million Canadian households identify as campers and outdoor hospitality participants as of 2023. It also highlights a 54% increase in participation among people of color in camping over the past decade.

Another aspect of the report is the notable shift in the demographic profile of campers since 2014. The typical Canadian camper is increasingly younger, with 44% of campers now under 35, compared to 28% a decade ago. Camping with children has become more popular among younger Canadians. Since the report’s inception, the number of campers bringing children has more than doubled.

Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of Kampgrounds of America, noted that their data indicates 65% of Canada’s 16 million households engage in camping, reflecting a deep-seated love for the outdoors that is integral to many Canadian family lifestyles and values.

“This beloved tradition continues to attract both younger and more diverse campers, which surely aided in increasing year-over-year camper nights among Canadians,” O’Rourke said.

Canada’s appeal as a camping destination extends beyond its borders, with one-third of U.S. campers considering a trip to Canada. This interest is higher among millennials. However, a significant barrier remains, as one in five U.S. campers lack the proper credentials to travel to Canada.

According to a press release, Canadian campers have indicated that their main travel goals for 2024 are to take things at a slower pace (51%), savor the moment while recharging (50%), enjoy a variety of experiences (38%), and check off items on their bucket lists (30%).

The report underscored a rise in new accommodation types, with 67% of Canadian campers likely to switch accommodations in 2024. Additionally, key motivations driving Canadian campers include spending time in nature, food tourism, and visiting small towns.

The benefits of camping extend beyond leisure; many campers cite enhanced well-being and improved sleep as significant advantages. Six out of 10 campers report that sleeping outdoors allows them to breathe fresh air.

KOA, with over 60 years of expertise, includes more than 500 privately owned campgrounds and provides support in campground education, design, recruitment, marketing, and technology.

To access the 2024 Canada Camping and Outdoor Hospitality Report, visit koa.com/north-american-camping-report/.

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