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Canadian RV and Camping Leaders Advocate for Federal Investments on Parliament Hill

In a significant gathering on Parliament Hill yesterday, executives from the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada and the Canadian Camping and RV Association (CCRVA) have come together to urge the federal government to prioritize substantial investments in camping infrastructure and workforce development. 

These enhancements are seen as crucial to maintaining the vitality of these quintessentially Canadian experiences and the overall health of the nation’s tourism industry.

Dale Hopkins, chairperson of the RVDA, outlined the economic impact of the RV and camping industries, highlighting their role as significant contributors to Canada’s economy. 

RVing and camping are not only about enjoying the great outdoors but also about substantial economic benefits,” Hopkins said. 

He noted that the industry supports over 141,000 full-time jobs and generates an estimated CA$16.2 billion in economic value annually, including CA$10.3 billion from tourism expenditures.

According to industry analyses, a major concern is that 75% of Canada’s campsites currently lack the necessary facilities to accommodate modern RVs. This shortfall poses a risk not just to the industry’s sustainability but also to its potential for growth. 

The call for upgraded infrastructure is echoed by stakeholders who emphasize the need for modernized facilities to support both current demands and future growth, according to a press release.

Ellie Abucay-Giammattolo, the chair of the CCRVA, stressed the immediate need for upgraded electrification and infrastructure at campsites across the country. 

“To meet the growing demand and ensure our continued contribution to the economy, we urgently need the government to commit to electrification and infrastructure improvements,” she said. 

This sentiment highlights a critical juncture for the industry, facing the dual challenges of aging infrastructure and evolving technological needs.

The push for federal support includes specific calls for investments in rural electrification projects and the modernization of campground facilities. These improvements would not only enhance the functionality of camping sites but also align them with sustainable energy practices, an increasingly important factor in global tourism.

Addressing another significant challenge, the industry faces a critical shortage of skilled labor, particularly RV technicians. Fewer than half of these technicians currently hold their Red Seal Designation, the standard for skilled trades in Canada

Industry leaders propose the creation of an Apprenticeship Travel Grant and suggest expanding the Labour Mobility Tax Grant to alleviate these pressures and improve recruitment and training capacities.

Moreover, the expansion of skilled labor resources is seen as essential for sustaining growth. “Enhancing our workforce is pivotal to our industry’s success,” Hopkins added, emphasizing the need for strategic government action to bolster education and training programs nationwide.

The RV and camping industries are not only vital for their direct economic contributions but also for their role in supporting rural economies and promoting environmental sustainability through tourism. These sectors are at a critical crossroads, requiring a concerted effort from both industry leaders and the federal government to secure a prosperous future.

As the discussions on Parliament Hill unfold, the outcomes could set the trajectory for the RV and camping industries for years to come. 

Stakeholders remain hopeful that their calls for strategic investments will lead to robust policy support and funding allocations from the federal government, ensuring that Canada remains a top destination for RVers and campers worldwide.

Industry experts agree that without these critical investments, Canada risks losing its competitive edge in a sector that not only enriches its cultural landscape but also its economic stability. 

The time for action is now—to secure the future of the RV and camping industries and to continue offering memorable and sustainable outdoor experiences across the nation.

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April 19, 2024 12:21 am

Did you hear the buzz from the Canadian RV and camping leaders at Parliament Hill? They’re cooking up plans to team up with schools for specialized RV technician training. Plus, there’s talk about a national certification program to upskill the industry. This could mean top-notch service for all us campers!

Steven Carter
Steven Carter
April 19, 2024 7:28 am
Reply to  HeadlineMan86

Y’know, catchin’ wind of the Canadian RV and camping leaders at Parliament Hill sure got people talkin’! Those leaders really know how to make some noise when it comes to advocating for federal investments. Back in the day, camping was all about roughin’ it without all the fancy gadgets we have now!

April 19, 2024 3:37 am

I’m all about supporting the push for federal investments in the RV and camping scene. It’s inspiring to see leaders advocating for inclusivity and environmental conservation for future generations to relish! 😊🌿

April 19, 2024 9:40 am
Reply to  TaraNova

It’s like paving the way for a brighter camping future. Let’s rally together for a sustainable and inclusive outdoor experience!

Linda Harris
Linda Harris
April 19, 2024 4:04 am
Reply to  TaraNova

It’s amazing how they’re pushing for improvements in the RV and camping scene. It’s great to see them focused on making it inclusive and eco-friendly for all of us to enjoy! I love exploring new campsites and connecting with nature.

Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
April 19, 2024 5:47 am

Isn’t it interesting to see how industry leaders are pushing for more federal investments to boost the RV and camping sectors? 🌟 Their efforts could shape a brighter future for us all. 😊

Finn Harbor
Finn Harbor
April 19, 2024 6:46 am
Reply to  Brooke Valley

It’s really inspiring to witness industry leaders advocating for increased federal investments to uplift the RV and camping sectors. It shows a strong commitment to fostering growth and development in these important industries. Let’s join forces and support their vision for a thriving outdoor recreation community. Reflecting on these innovative strategies, we can envision a brighter future for all campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

April 19, 2024 9:11 am

Isn’t it interesting how the Canadian RV and camping industry leaders are pushing for federal investments? I believe it’s essential for the government to support infrastructure upgrades and training programs. By doing so, we can boost the industry, create jobs, and better serve modern travelers. Great strides ahead!

April 19, 2024 10:30 am

Let’s talk about the Canadian RV and camping leaders pushing for federal support at Parliament Hill for better industry growth. Do you think the Apprenticeship Travel Grant could solve the labor shortage?

April 19, 2024 4:31 pm

Did you hear about the recent push for government investment in the RV and camping industry? It’s exciting how they’re aiming to boost job creation and tourism while tackling labor shortages.


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