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RV Park Proposed for Sicamous Waterfront Development – Boost to Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Twin Anchors Manufacturing, a player in the outdoor hospitality and recreational vehicle sector, has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a 26-lot strata development on the premises of its former marina at 102 Martin Street and 902 Riverside Avenue in Sicamous (British Columbia, Canada).

At a meeting held on Wednesday, the planning and development committee meticulously reviewed the application. It became evident that the proposal hinges on a crucial zoning change from C-4 Tourist Accommodation to a recreational vehicle park (RVP) designation, a report from Salmon Arm Observer highlighted. 

This special designation would need to be tailor-made to accommodate the proposed project’s requirements. District planner Sarah Martin elucidated that the suggested changes largely align with the existing zoning rules, although the individual sites, spanning 0.4 hectares, fall slightly short of the established minimum lot size of 0.8 hectares.

In addition to providing housing, the proposal integrates plans for enhancing the waterfront walkway and pedestrian facilities. Moreover, the district has expressed its willingness to endorse a private dock and marina development, provided it complies with provincial regulations.

Referral comments on the application have raised several pertinent financial considerations. Notably, the proposal could impact taxation revenues, currently amounting to CA$27,584. In a report presented to the committee, Martin explained that if the location were to be developed under the current zoning regulations, which allow for 96 units, Sicamous’ share of property taxes would be approximately CA$95,944. However, under the proposed new zoning, this figure would decrease to around CA$36,284.

Furthermore, the engineering department has identified crucial upgrades required for Riverside Avenue’s infrastructure. These upgrades encompass enhancements to the water main, the relocation of overhead utilities underground, road widening, installation of streetlights, and the construction of a sidewalk. While the district has already incorporated the water main work into its five-year capital plan, the applicant must provide an Opinion of Probable Cost for the offsite improvements in front of the property.

In a unanimous display of support, the committee passed a resolution to alter the zoning classification of the subject lots from C-4 to RVP-X Recreational Vehicle Park X. This resolution will now be forwarded to the council for approval.

Committee member John Braun voiced his endorsement, stating, “I support it. Anything we can do to bring more people to town.”

The proposal for an RV park in Sicamous represents a significant development in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry. It not only promises potential growth in the sector but also showcases the importance of collaboration between outdoor hospitality operators and local authorities to create attractive destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. As this project progresses, it will undoubtedly be closely watched by those in the industry, eager to see how it contributes to the growth and development of outdoor hospitality in the region.

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February 16, 2024 1:18 pm

Did you know that a planned RV park in Sicamous could improve the waterfront area? It’s intriguing to consider the potential impact on taxation revenues.

Iris Flight
Iris Flight
March 14, 2024 11:34 am
Reply to  nightOwlNia

The proposed RV park in Sicamous has the potential to enhance the waterfront area significantly. It’s exciting to think about the positive impact it could have on the outdoor hospitality industry in the region. Wider parking stalls and renewable energy sources are key components for eco-friendly sustainability. Can you elaborate on the renewable energy sources planned for this development?


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