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Prince George’s Tourism Thrives Amidst Wildfire Season

Prince George (British Columbia, Canada), a city known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture, witnessed an unexpected surge in tourism this summer. Despite the wildfire season being at an all-time high, the city’s tourism numbers painted a different picture, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

Compared to the previous year, which saw a decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s growth is commendable. The city, although experiencing some smoke, remained relatively safe from forest fires, possibly contributing to the positive tourism numbers.

Wildfires have affected tourism in various parts of Canada. However, Prince George’s story stands out as a beacon of hope and effective strategy.

The city’s resilience can be attributed to effective communication, ensuring tourists of their safety. Furthermore, the promotion of alternative tourist attractions that were unaffected by the fires played a crucial role in maintaining the influx of visitors.

According to a summer report by CKPGToday.ca, the easing of travel restrictions, both provincially and federally, boosted travelers’ confidence. This led to a strong return in both local and international travel, with Prince George reaping the benefits.

Major events like “Cariboo Rocks the North” played a pivotal role in this tourism surge. Such events not only cater to the local community but also drive visitation to Prince George, with tourists indulging in shopping, dining, and exploring the city’s offerings.

Despite the challenges posed by the wildfire season, Prince George adopted several strategies to ensure the city remained a top tourist destination. Emphasizing indoor attractions such as museums and galleries provided alternatives to outdoor activities.

Local businesses stepped up, offering discounts and special promotions to attract tourists. Their collaborative efforts with the city’s tourism department ensured that the message of safety and abundant attractions reached potential visitors.

The city’s tourism department also worked closely with neighboring regions. This collaboration aimed to promote regional tourism, ensuring that if one area faced challenges due to fires, tourists had alternative destinations within reach.

Rhea Stark, the director of Marketing & Visitor Experience at Tourism PG, highlighted the undeterred spirit of visitors. Many, especially from other provinces, continued with their plans, with some even rescheduling to ensure they didn’t miss out on what Prince George had to offer.

The story of Prince George’s tourism this summer serves as an inspiration. It’s a testament to the city’s adaptability, the proactive strategies adopted, and the collective efforts of the community and local businesses.

Prince George’s ability to thrive amidst challenges showcases the city’s resilience and the potential it holds as a tourist destination. The combined efforts of the community, businesses, and the tourism department have set a benchmark for other regions to emulate.

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young
April 23, 2024 10:08 pm

It’s impressive to see how Prince George’s tourism rebounded despite the challenges. The focus on eco-friendly practices and targeted marketing really made a difference. I appreciate how they’re catering to a wider audience while staying true to their roots. Great job, Prince George!

Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox
May 3, 2024 4:47 pm

How cool is this? Prince George’s tourism scene is stepping up its game during the wildfire season. They’re getting creative with eco-friendly tours and teaming up with organizations to help wildlife. It’s awesome to see the city’s dedication to nature and sustainability shining through in this tourist experience.


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