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Planning Your Next BC Camping Trip? BCLCA’s Super Camping Directory Has You Covered

The British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA) has launched its 2023/2024 Super Camping/Select Lodging directory and guide, an indispensable resource for camping enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide, coupled with the Super Camping App, is all you need to plan your next adventure in British Columbia’s great outdoors.

BCLCA’s Super Camping Directory is designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts, whether you’re camping, RVing, or embarking on a vacation drive through British Columbia. Featuring over 200 listings, this guide provides detailed information on private campgrounds, RV parks, and lodging establishments that are members of the BCLCA. It also lists Parks Canada campgrounds, RV dealers in B.C., and RV rental companies.

Organized into three sections according to the six British Columbia tourism regions, the guide presents an easy-to-follow layout. 

The first section houses Super Camping and Select Lodging listings, each entry cross-referenced with a corresponding numbered dot on the pullout BC map. The second section is dedicated to RV dealers, rental companies, and services, while the third section focuses on winter camping and RVing options open year-round.

In June, those who will grab a printed copy will find a pullout map conveniently located in the center of the guide, with all listed properties identified by a red numbered dot. These dots correlate with the relevant page numbers for the detailed listings. 

The guide also includes rates for 2023, with 2022 rates substituted only in rare cases where current information was unavailable.

In addition to the directory, the guide provides a “Know Before You Go” section that features useful resources such as news, travel advice, safety tips, campfire bans, and the Camper’s Code. The printed guide will be available in June at British Columbia Visitor Centres.

Super Camping App: Your Outdoor Companion

The Super Camping British Columbia App complements the Super Camping Directory, offering campers an interactive guide to camping, RVing, and outdoor vacationing in British Columbia.

Through an easy-to-use interface, the app provides users with an introductory video, camping guide, tips, and a comprehensive map. Additionally, it includes real-time information on BC weather, road conditions, and fire bans.

For personalized planning, users can bookmark their favorite spots by tapping the star icon on any page, allowing for quick access to preferred locations. The app also features an integrated map that shows all campgrounds, RV parks, and lodging on a single map, with specific listings accessible per category.

Stay informed with push notifications that deliver the latest updates, from special offers to local events. While the Super Camping App has been available for some time, it serves as the perfect digital companion to the newly released 2023/2024 Super Camping/Select Lodging directory and guide.

The BCLCA’s Super Camping Directory and App provide an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore British Columbia’s stunning outdoors. Whether you’re a camper seeking your next adventure or a private campground owner looking to stay informed, these resources offer a wealth of information to help you make the most of BC’s vibrant camping and RVing scene.

The Benefits for Campground Owners

For private campground owners, the BCLCA’s Super Camping Directory and App represent powerful tools for promoting their establishments and staying abreast of the industry’s latest trends.

By being featured in the Super Camping Directory, private campground owners can significantly increase their visibility among a vast audience of campers, RV enthusiasts, and vacationers. 

With over 200 listings, inclusion in this comprehensive guide provides a credible stamp of approval from the BCLCA, a respected industry organization. 

The detailed listing format allows owners to highlight their unique offerings, from scenic locations to special amenities, which can help differentiate their sites from others.

Moreover, the guide’s “Know Before You Go” section offers private campground owners valuable insights into camper expectations, safety protocols, and other pertinent information. This understanding can aid owners in improving their offerings, ensuring compliance with regulations, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

The Super Camping App offers similar benefits. As an interactive digital platform, it provides an additional channel for reaching tech-savvy campers who prefer planning their trips on-the-go. 

In essence, the Super Camping Directory and app do not only serve as advertising platforms but also comprehensive information hubs. These resources help private campground owners reach their target market, understand their needs better, and ultimately, thrive in British Columbia’s competitive outdoor hospitality market.

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Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips
May 15, 2024 12:54 am

Just had to tell you about the awesome Super Camping Directory by BCLCA! It’s got all the deets, maps, and insider tips to make your BC camping adventure the best ever. And don’t forget the app for connecting with other campers and finding those hidden gems. Time to get out there and enjoy beautiful British Columbia!


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