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Municipal Campgrounds in 100 Mile House Closed This Summer

The District of 100 Mile House in British Columbia decided not to open its municipal campgrounds this summer. The decision was driven by ongoing concerns regarding the unsanitary conditions of the campground’s outhouse and washroom facilities.

Over the years, the district received numerous complaints about the state of these facilities, leading to their removal. Tammy Boulanger, the district’s chief administrative officer, said the council discussed several options but found the costs prohibitive.

Image by District of 100 Mile House via facebook.com/districtof100milehouse

“Council discussed what the possible options were. A simple new outhouse similar to the ones you see at rest stops along the road was quoted between CA$40,000 and CA$70,000,” Boulanger said, as reported by the 100 Mile Free Press on June 12.

Financial considerations played a significant role in the council’s decision. The campgrounds generate an average yearly revenue of CA$7,000, which is further reduced by the contracted rate of the campground attendant. 

With the council focusing on other, more expensive projects, replacing the washrooms was not considered feasible.

Mayor Maureen Pinkney highlighted the practical implications of the decision, noting that most campground users are tent campers who would be affected by the lack of washrooms. Additionally, the upcoming replacement of the nearby Horse Lake Road bridge was another concern.

Mayor Pinkney explained that due to the unknown date and costs associated with the bridge replacement, along with other complications related to the campground, the council decided it was best to delay installing proper washrooms for the time being.

“Campgrounds will remain closed this year, and we will have to see what happens after that,” Mayor Pinkney added.

In addition to the municipal campgrounds, the District of 100 Mile House offers other recreational options. According to its website, the district has several parks and trails that feature activities such as walking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, motocross, equestrian pursuits, and archery.

99 Mile Recreation, located just south of 100 Mile House, is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It features the Stormrider trail, maintained by the HunCity Mountain Bike Club, and is home to the 100 Mile Nordics and the 100 Mile Snowmobile Club.

Just east of downtown, Centennial Park offers a range of amenities, including a playground, picnic area, tennis and basketball courts, walking trails, a skate park, and waterfalls.

Another notable attraction is the 100 Mile Marsh, a 1.5-kilometer low-mobility trail that provides wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors can park at the South Cariboo Visitor Center and enjoy a leisurely walk around the marsh, taking in its natural beauty and diverse fauna.

Behind the South Cariboo Recreation Centre, the dog park offers a fenced area where dogs can run free and play.

The District of 100 Mile House’s approach underscores the necessity of prioritizing regular maintenance of amenities to prevent wear and tear, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of guests. By addressing issues promptly and allocating resources for ongoing upkeep, private campground owners can avoid costly replacements and closures.

For more information about the District of 100 Mile House, visit 100milehouse.com.

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