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FVRD Evaluates Rezoning Application for New RV Campground North of Hope

British Columbia’s Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) is set to deliberate on a rezoning application aimed at developing a new RV campground north of Hope.

The proposal, which was scheduled for discussion in a meeting on September 28, encompasses a 9.3-hectare parcel of land situated at 26793 Dogwood Valley Lane, just off Highway 1 in the picturesque Fraser Canyon.

Initiated by a local property owner, the application outlines the establishment of 47 RV sites, three park model trailer sites, and a washroom/shower building. 

This development seeks to cater to the burgeoning demand for camping spots, particularly during the peak summer season, in a region known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, according to a report by the Fraser Valley Today.

The FVRD’s website provides a glimpse into the structured approach the district adopts towards various development projects. 

Although the specific details regarding the RV campground north of Hope are not delineated, the site categorizes different types of developments, shedding light on the procedural framework that guides such initiatives.

Historical documents reveal that the FVRD has a precedent of considering rezoning applications. For instance, documents discuss requests for zoning amendments near the Coquihalla River Provincial Park and land near the junction of Highway 9. 

These documents underscore the FVRD’s commitment to addressing community development needs while adhering to zoning regulations.

The economic ramifications of the proposed RV campground are multifaceted. While the immediate benefit is apparent in terms of boosting local tourism, the ripple effect extends to local businesses, employment opportunities, and potentially property values in the vicinity.

Moreover, the economic influx can contribute to the overall development of the Fraser Valley region, enhancing its appeal as a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The proposed campground could serve as a catalyst for further investments in local infrastructure and amenities.

Environmental considerations are paramount, especially in a region revered for its pristine natural landscapes. The development of RV campgrounds necessitates a thorough assessment of their impact on local flora, fauna, water sources, and waste management practices to ensure sustainable operations.

Public sentiment towards such developments can be a mixed bag. While many may welcome the economic boost, others might express concerns over potential environmental repercussions or changes to the tranquil rural ambiance. 

Engaging the community in the decision-making process is crucial to addressing these concerns and fostering a sense of ownership and acceptance.

Comparatively, the scarcity of campground sites around popular areas like Cultus Lake and the Chilliwack River Valley underscores the necessity for additional camping facilities. The proposed RV campground could alleviate the strain on existing sites, especially during peak seasons when reservations are often made months in advance.

For further inquiries regarding the development, the FVRD can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone at 604-702-5000. Transparency and open communication channels between the FVRD and the community will be instrumental in ensuring the successful realization of this project.

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March 15, 2024 4:23 am

Did you catch wind of the buzz about the new RV campground near Hope? Locals are stoked for fresh recreational options! The park models in the plan add a cozy touch for visitors seeking a unique camping experience in the stunning Fraser Canyon. How exciting is that?


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