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BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum Unveils a Power-Packed Agenda with Top Industry Experts

The British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA) is gearing up to host one of its most anticipated events of the year. 

Set against the picturesque backdrop of The Beach Club Resort in Parksville, the Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum is scheduled to take place from November 6 to 8. The theme for this year’s forum is “Working Together for Our Success”, encapsulating the essence of collaborative efforts in the outdoor hospitality sector.

This event marks a significant milestone for the BCLCA community. It is the first time since October 2019 that members and stakeholders will come together in person. The past few years have seen seismic shifts in the travel and hospitality sectors, making such gatherings pivotal for recalibrating strategies, sharing insights, and networking.

Owners and managers of RV resorts, campgrounds, and lodgings are particularly encouraged to attend. The forum aims to be a reservoir of knowledge, addressing pressing questions, concerns, and showcasing the latest industry trends. The board of directors at BCLCA, all of whom are owners and managers, have meticulously curated an educational program to help participants refine their business approaches.

Speakers will undeniably be one of the major highlights of this three-day event. Top industry experts will grace the forum, discussing an array of topics that resonate with the challenges and opportunities faced by outdoor hospitality businesses today. Their collective knowledge promises to offer actionable insights for the day-to-day functioning of campgrounds, lodgings, and RV resorts.

The first day of the event promises a real treat for attendees. They’ll be taken on an extensive tour of various campgrounds and RV parks in Parksville. 

This immersive experience includes a visit to the Coombs Country Campground, Pathfinder Camp Resorts, and the Surfside RV Resort. 

The day will also feature enlightening panel discussions, presentations, and a unique ‘Supplier Show and Tell Cracker Barrel’, allowing participants to meet suppliers, browse products, and exchange valuable tips.

Day two will see the ‘Ideas Forum‘ sessions commence at The Beach Club Resort. These sessions are designed to provide in-depth knowledge on a range of subjects. The day will kick off with an opening address on industry trends by Jamie Cox, BCLCA president. As the day progresses, attendees will be privy to sessions on sustainability, SWOT analysis, risk management, mental health, and the increasingly popular segment of glamping

On the concluding day, the forum will continue to delve deep into industry-specific issues. Brian Searl, the CEO and founder of Insider Perks, Inc., will deliver a keynote presentation on Marketing the Chatbot Revolution.

From exploring marketing strategies tailored for the digital age to understanding the evolving landscape of the tourism sector in BC, the sessions promise to be both informative and engaging. The event will wrap up with a closing keynote by Imran Gill from Destination British Columbia.

In addition to the enriching sessions, the event will also offer extensive networking opportunities. Attendees will get a chance to interact face-to-face with sponsors, exhibitors, fellow operators, and even the volunteer board of directors. 

For more information, visit Annual Lodging & Camping Ideas Forum.

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March 13, 2024 11:28 am

Are you ready for the BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum? Imagine the Avengers of the hospitality world sharing insights! Pack your curiosity for a passion-filled outdoor adventure!

March 13, 2024 2:00 pm

Get your camping gear ready! This forum is all about hands-on experiences and networking. Dive into outdoor hospitality with workshops and adventures. It’s gonna be epic!


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