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Unveiling the 2024 Terra Magnolia by inTech

In the ever-evolving world of outdoor hospitality, the 2024 Terra Magnolia by inTech is making a significant impact. A recent YouTube video by inTech offers an in-depth review of this compact yet feature-rich camper, highlighting its unique features and potential influence on the outdoor hospitality industry.

The Terra Magnolia is a 22-foot model, four feet shorter than its predecessor, yet it retains all the beloved features of the Terra series. The camper boasts a beautiful design, a distinctive tilt-forward front end, and an all-welded aluminum frame, ensuring durability and longevity. The camper’s structure, hidden behind its walls, is what truly sets it apart from its competitors.

The Terra Magnolia weighs around 5,000 pounds, depending on the options chosen, and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,500 pounds, offering ample storage capacity. The exterior features full fiberglass walls with an Azdel backer, hung on the sturdy structure. The roof is a seamless one-piece fiberglass construction, eliminating potential leak points.

The camper comes with a tandem axle, providing excellent capacity. The model showcased in the video includes the Rover package, which offers increased ground clearance, making it suitable for off-road or hilly situations. The Rover package also includes larger, beefier tires.

The Terra Magnolia features a 12-foot power awning with a wind sensor that retracts the awning in windy conditions. The camper also includes a large storage compartment that houses an exterior kitchen, complete with a griddle surface, storage area, and an optional refrigerator.

The camper’s interior features a large U-shaped dinette, offering ample space for sitting and enjoying the expansive views. The dinette table swivels, allowing for easy access and accommodating multiple people. The table can also be converted into a large bed, providing additional sleeping space.

The kitchen area includes a deep farmhouse sink, a two-burner stove, a convection microwave, and plenty of storage. The camper also features a 10 cubic foot 12-volt fridge and a wet bath with a porcelain toilet.

The bedroom area features a true queen-size bed, a TV on a swivel, and plenty of storage. The camper also includes a control center that displays battery levels and tank levels, and controls for the underbelly heating system.

The Terra Magnolia’s impact on the outdoor hospitality industry is significant. As more people seek compact, feature-rich, and durable camping options, the demand for products like the Terra Magnolia is likely to increase. This trend presents an opportunity for the industry to cater to a new demographic of consumers who value functionality, comfort, and the freedom to explore the great outdoors.

The 2024 Terra Magnolia by inTech offers a unique blend of compactness, functionality, and durability. It is designed to meet the needs of modern adventurers, providing a feature-rich and durable camping solution.

As more people embrace this style of camping, the outdoor hospitality industry is poised for growth, ready to meet the evolving needs of this burgeoning community.


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