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Review of NatureHike’s Y08 Small Moon Chair: A Comprehensive Look


In the latest episode of the Outdoor Gear Review, the spotlight turns to NatureHike’s new release, the Y08 Small Moon Chair, an entry in the competitive outdoor seating market.

This chair draws attention due to its lightweight design and affordability compared to its peers, such as the Helinox Chair One and the OneTigress chair. The Y08 distinguishes itself with a compact pack size and a weight that challenges the established names in the market, offering a blend of convenience and comfort for a variety of outdoor settings.

The NatureHike Y08 Small Moon Chair features a design typical of backpacking chairs but is notable for its smaller and lighter construction. It includes a storage bag with dual grab handles that double as attachment points to the chair, converting into a pouch.

Setup is straightforward: unfold the frame, attach the seat, and optionally, the anti-sink feet to prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground. This process, while requiring a bit more force than some competitors, underscores the chair’s robust build quality, suitable for both casual and rigorous outdoor use.

Comfort is where the Y08 excels; it provides a seating position that ranks high on user satisfaction with its adequate elevation and supportive structure, avoiding the discomfort of lower-set models.

The chair’s materials—600D Oxford and polyester fabric—ensure durability and breathability, crucial for maintaining comfort during extended use. The inclusion of optional anti-sink feet addresses common issues faced in varied terrains, making this chair versatile across different environments.

Financially, the Y08 is positioned as an economical alternative in the backpacking chair category. Priced at around $48, it supports up to 265 pounds, which is suitable for many users but not all. For those requiring a higher weight capacity, NatureHike offers alternatives like the Y05 chair, which supports up to 330 pounds but at a slight weight penalty.

This pricing strategy makes the Y08 an attractive option for budget-conscious adventurers who do not wish to compromise on quality and functionality.

The NatureHike Y08 Small Moon Chair emerges as a compelling choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a blend of affordability, comfort, and portability. It competes favorably in a market dominated by more expensive alternatives by focusing on essential features that meet the practical needs of campers and hikers.

With continued use and testing across various conditions, this chair has the potential to become a favored gear staple, indicating NatureHike’s commitment to improving quality and user satisfaction in their product range.

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