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Grand Design RV’s New Venture into Motorhomes and Partnership with Camping World

In a significant development in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, Winnebago Industries has announced that its subsidiary, Grand Design RV, is set to manufacture motorhomes for the first time in its 11-year history.

This move marks a notable expansion for Grand Design RV, which has been known for its high-quality towable RVs. The announcement was covered in a YouTube video titled “Grand Design RV Will Build MOTORHOMES & Partners With Camping World” by RV Miles, providing insights into this strategic shift and its implications for the RV market.

The video begins by highlighting the history of Grand Design RV, a company that has established a reputation for quality and innovation in the towable RV sector. The decision to venture into motorhome production represents a significant step for the company, diversifying its product range and potentially reaching new segments of the RV market.

Winnebago’s strategic decision to expand Grand Design RV’s manufacturing capabilities to include motorhomes is seen as a response to the growing demand in the RV industry. This expansion is not just a diversification of products but also an indication of Winnebago’s confidence in Grand Design RV’s ability to replicate its success in a new category.

Furthermore, the video reveals the opening of a “Grand Design” store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Interestingly, this store is operated by RV dealership giant Camping World, indicating a partnership between the two entities.

This collaboration is significant as it combines Grand Design RV’s manufacturing expertise with Camping World’s extensive retail network, potentially enhancing the distribution and accessibility of Grand Design RV’s new motorhomes.

The partnership with Camping World is expected to provide a robust platform for Grand Design RV to launch its motorhome line. Camping World’s vast dealership network and experience in RV sales and service could play a crucial role in the successful market introduction and customer support for these new products.

The video also encourages viewers to become Mile Marker Members to support the content and subscribe to the new RV Miles Podcast Channel for more updates and insights into the RV industry. This call to action underscores the growing community of RV enthusiasts who are keenly following industry trends and developments.

The entry of Grand Design RV into the motorhome market, backed by Winnebago’s resources and in partnership with Camping World, is a significant development in the RV industry.

This move could potentially reshape market dynamics, offering more choices to consumers and intensifying competition among manufacturers. As the RV market continues to evolve, such strategic partnerships and expansions are likely to create new opportunities and challenges for industry players.


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