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A Blend of Functionality and Affordability: The FSX 174BHLE Family Camping Travel Trailer by Salem & Wildwood

Vicious RV, a leading RV dealer, unveiled a new cost-effective and functional camping trailer for the 2023 season, reverting to 2018 pricing structures. The FSX 174BHLE Family Camping Travel Trailer, manufactured by Forest River’s Salem & Wildwood, offers a simplistic design, aiming to facilitate quality family time outdoors rather than focusing on advanced amenities.

This RV expert highlighted that the new model is tailored for campers looking for affordable alternatives without compromising basic comforts, such as sleeping above ground. Contrary to modern RVs featuring flat-screen TVs and similar luxurious items, the FSX 174BHLE zeroes in on essential outdoor living.

This new release marks a significant deviation from mainstream camping series, underlining a rising trend in budget-friendly camping solutions. Interestingly, the 174BHLE model features a sofa-like bench instead of a dinette, demonstrating the manufacturer’s focus on practicality.

The adoption of this minimalist design approach has led to a reduction of around 400-500 pounds in weight compared to standard FSX models, making it more accessible for many SUV owners.

Further, the Salem and Wildwood brands both offer the 174BHLE model, with the only difference being the external aesthetic, dismissing the idea that one brand might be superior to the other. Instead, they provide customers with a choice based on personal preferences for exterior design.

One key highlight of the 174BHLE model is its open design concept. Despite lacking certain amenities such as a microwave or a full-fledged entertainment center, it provides ample space for customization according to the user’s needs.

For instance, an open space above the fireplace could be utilized for appliances like a toaster oven or a coffee machine, providing a degree of adaptability not often found in high-end models.

On the downside, the FSX 174BHLE is equipped with a residential power only mini fridge, an electric space heater instead of a traditional propane furnace, and limited campsite window coverage. Also, the lack of a microwave and a smaller holding tank capacity suggest that this model is primarily designed for park usage or necessitates the use of a generator for more remote camping.

In addition to this, the camper offers a full-size roof air conditioner, a powered roof vent, and a large farm sink, maintaining a level of comfort despite its basic design. The living space can also be transformed into a cargo space, making it ideal for families seeking additional storage during travel.

Despite certain limitations, such as a smaller awning and limited campsite window coverage, the FSX 174BHLE has not compromised on safety or durability. It features a walkable roof and roof ladder prep, proving that budget-friendly does not necessarily mean cutting corners on crucial aspects.

The FSX 174BHLE Family Camping Travel Trailer provides an interesting option for the outdoor hospitality industry. With a significant focus on affordability, it presents a new dimension to the RV market.

Whether this budget-centric approach will be considered a stroke of genius or an overly aggressive cost-cutting strategy, only time will tell. However, this development certainly marks an interesting turn in the camping trailer market.


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