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Heartwood Resort Expansion Denied Over Incomplete Application

The proposed expansion of Heartwood Resort, a 140-unit RV park situated along the lower Namekagon River,  Wisconsin was rejected yesterday in Shell Lake. 

The Washburn County zoning committee found that the application for a conditional use permit was incomplete, resulting in a denied expansion that sparked mixed reactions among the local community.

During a tense zoning committee meeting, attendees filled every seat in the room, with many left standing in anticipation. 

The diverse crowd, consisting of residents, business owners, and river advocates, listened intently as the committee announced the reasons behind the rejection of Heartwood Resort’s application.

The committee highlighted several crucial pieces of missing information, including data on wells, septic systems, and essential amenities such as shower houses. 

In response to the committee’s concerns, Heartwood Resort has expressed its intention to review and address the gaps in the application.

Heartwood Resort initially proposed the expansion to cater to visitors using ATVs and similar vehicles, hoping to offer a unique experience in the west of Trego. 

While some residents and private campground owners in the area might see the development as a potential boost for local businesses, others express concern over the environmental impact and potential disruption of the serene, natural setting.

River advocates fear that the proposed RV park could lead to increased traffic, noise, and water pollution, particularly since Heartwood Resort is located along a remote and scenic stretch of the Namekagon River and adjacent to the popular Howell Landing. 

Wild Rivers Conservancy Executive Director Deb Ryun expressed these concerns in a letter to the committee, stating that such an expansion would be inappropriate due to the pristine and undeveloped nature of the area.

Preserve Washburn County, a group that organized opposition to Heartwood’s proposal, is also calling for changes to local campground rules. 

Last year, the group urged the Washburn County board to form a committee to address the growing number of development proposals like Heartwood’s.

Despite the setback, Preserve Washburn County acknowledges that the applicant may return with an updated plan and additional details. 

The group is prepared to continue advocating for responsible land development and environmental preservation, aiming to strike a balance between growth and the area’s natural beauty.

As a response to the rapid increase in proposed RV parks and campgrounds, the Washburn County zoning committee has held 12 meetings since October, focusing on revising the county’s ordinances and zoning rules. 

The committee is dedicated to creating a framework that accommodates growth while preserving the integrity of the local environment and the interests of the broader community.

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February 17, 2024 7:24 am

Isn’t it frustrating that the Heartwood Resort’s expansion was rejected? It’s imperative to prioritize environmental preservation in future plans.


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