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News for August 8, 2022

FMCA Rally Expects 200 RVs in Attendance, RVers Hurt by High Fuel Costs


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Greenbrier County expects around 200 RV and camper drivers to gather together this week for the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) rally.

This rally is FMCA’s third one for the southern West Virginia region, saying even with all the traveling the association does, Lewisburg will always be a town that keeps them all coming back, according to a report.

“We love it! It is a gorgeous town. Everyone is so friendly,” said FMCA National President of Eastern States Gaye Young. “The shops are very quaint, and you find some unique items here as well as some great restaurants.”

Although, attendees said the 200 RVs in attendance this weekend is only about half the typical size of an FMCA rally.

Young said high gas and diesel prices had forced some families to reduce RV travel.

“Fuel prices are keeping many people away from traveling. Otherwise, we would probably have another 150 plus R-V’s here,” said Young. “We were expecting low numbers, but we were hoping for more than 200.”

Young also said her personal coach has a 150-gallon tank, and $6 a gallon or more for diesel can get expensive quickly, even before making the trip.

However, attendees who could swing the extra few hundred dollars on gas will enjoy a weekend of cornhole, kickball, concerts, and more.

It is also the case for FMCA member Steve Mahanes and his wife Judy, who say they’d rather cut back in other areas to make up for high fuel prices than give up their summer camping trips.

“It hurts a lot of us. There were a lot of cancellations for this. There were a lot of cancellations up in Goshen (Indiana), where we had our last one. And there will be cancellations for the next one. But you either go enjoy yourself and live your life, or you let them keep you locked up at home. And my wife and I aren’t going to do that,” said Steve Mahanes.

This article originally appeared on 59 News.


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