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National Park Service Utilizes $1.5 Million Grant to Protect Civil War Battlefields

The National Park Service (NPS) has allocated $1,540,403.50 through the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) to preserve 144.36 acres of land across three significant Civil War battlefields in Mississippi and Virginia. 

This initiative, supported by the Land and Water Conservation Fund, aims to ensure that these historic sites remain intact for future generations, according to a news release by the NPS.

“The National Park Service is proud to help state and local organizations preserve these historic, cultural, and natural resources. These landscapes hold the stories of America’s origins through generations past, and this protection ensures they will be shared with future generations,” said NPS Director Chuck Sams, as quoted in the NPS report.

In Mississippi, the Department of Archives and History received $219,075.00 to acquire and preserve 5.34 acres at Champion Hill Battlefield in Hinds County, and $43,328.50 for 0.16 acres at Chickasaw Bayou Battlefield in Warren County. These sites were pivotal in the Vicksburg Campaign, a crucial series of battles during the Civil War.

Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation was granted $1,278,000.00 for the preservation of 138.86 acres at Deep Bottom and New Market Heights Battlefields in Henrico County. 

These areas, known collectively as Camp Holly, have a rich military history spanning the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. The preserved land includes significant earthworks such as Fort Southard, enhancing the understanding of these historic conflicts.

The significance of these battlefields is highlighted by their historical context. Camp Holly, part of the protected land at Deep Bottom and New Market Heights, served as a military encampment during multiple wars and was referenced in historical letters by Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Thomas Jefferson.

State and local governments spearhead these preservation projects, with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation collaborating with the Capital Region Land Conservancy. These partnerships are vital in ensuring the protection of historically significant landscapes.

The ABPP’s Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants empower local communities to safeguard important historical sites. Besides these grants, the program also administers Preservation Planning, Battlefield Interpretation, and Battlefield Restoration grants. 

These initiatives provide financial and technical support for sustainable, community-driven stewardship of historic resources.

These newly protected lands not only preserve critical pieces of American history but also provide educational opportunities for the public. These sites allow visitors to connect with the past and understand the complexities of the nation’s history.

By securing these grants, the NPS and its partners reaffirm their commitment to preserving America’s cultural heritage. The ongoing efforts to protect these battlefields highlight the importance of historical preservation and the role it plays in educating future generations.

For more information about the grants and the sites they protect, visit the National Park Service’s website.

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