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Virginia Announces $103M in Flood Preparedness Grants and Loans

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has taken a proactive step towards mitigating the impacts of flooding by announcing the availability of $103 million in flood preparedness grants and loans. This initiative is a testament to the state’s commitment to safeguarding its communities from the devastating effects of floods.

The funds are aimed at supporting regions and localities across Virginia. With the increasing threats posed by climate change, such measures are becoming crucial. The grants and loans are designed to bolster flood preparedness and resilience, ensuring that communities are better equipped to handle flood-related challenges.

In July, a Modern Campground report unveiled vents in Nova Scotia, Canada that underscored the importance of such initiatives. The province experienced heavy rainfall, leading to significant flooding in Mahone Bay. The RayPort Campground had to evacuate its residents and campers due to the flood’s severity.

This extreme weather event damaged infrastructure, homes, and roadways, emphasizing the need for preparedness and financial support for affected businesses and residents.

The Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund (CFPF) was established with a clear vision: to reduce the impacts of flooding across the state. The fund prioritizes projects that align with local, state, and federal floodplain management standards, resilience plans, and the Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan.

The fund’s establishment in the Code of Virginia was a result of the 2020 session of the General Assembly. The money for the fund is sourced from the auction of carbon allowances through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), reflecting Virginia’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Localities are encouraged to utilize the funds primarily for implementing flood prevention and protection projects in areas prone to recurrent flooding. This ensures that the most vulnerable regions receive the necessary support to combat flood-related challenges.

A significant portion of the fund, no less than 25%, is earmarked for projects in low-income geographic areas. This ensures that all communities, regardless of their economic status, have access to resources that can help them mitigate flood risks.

The fund’s guiding principles emphasize acknowledging climate change, addressing socioeconomic inequities, and focusing on cost-effective solutions. The emphasis on nature-based solutions showcases Virginia’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly approaches.

As Virginia takes strides in flood preparedness, it serves as a model for other states and regions. The combination of financial support, community involvement, and a focus on sustainable solutions ensures that Virginia is not only prepared for the present but is also paving the way for a safer future.

Virginia’s announcement of $103 million in flood preparedness grants and loans is a commendable step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its communities. As climate change continues to pose threats, such initiatives are crucial in building resilient communities that can withstand and recover from natural disasters.

For more information, visit www.dcr.virginia.gov/cfpf


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