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RVIA Approves New RV Model Year Changeover Period to Enhance Consumer and Industry Efficiency

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) Board of Directors has approved a recommendation to change the RV model year changeover period to June 1 through June 30, effective from the 2026 model year. This decision is expected to improve the RV buying experience and enhance operational efficiency across the industry.

The voluntary model year changeover practice, initially adopted in 2020, aimed to address consumer confusion regarding RV model years. The practice was reaffirmed by the Task Force last year, underscoring its importance and effectiveness.

Starting in 2026, the new recommended dates for model year introductions will be June 1 through June 30, replacing the previous July 1 through August 31 period, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA..

This adjustment is designed to provide a clearer distinction between model years, helping buyers understand the value of used RVs during trade-ins.

According to the RVIA, the new timeframe will also help dealerships manage their inventory more efficiently and communicate accurate model year information to potential buyers. This improvement in inventory management and communication is expected to lead to a better customer experience.

Component part suppliers will benefit from better alignment of production schedules with manufacturers’ needs, enhancing supply chain efficiency. Suppliers can more accurately produce and stock parts, meeting the changing demands of RV manufacturers.

RV manufacturers and suppliers will be better equipped to provide dealer service centers with up-to-date parts for repairs. This improvement will enhance the ability of service centers to manage repairs, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Financial institutions will also find it easier to establish accurate RV valuations with the clearer model year distinctions. This change contributes to a more transparent market for both new and used RVs, aiding consumers and industry stakeholders alike.

The Board of Directors emphasized that adopting the new timeframe is voluntary. Manufacturers are encouraged to consider the benefits and adopt the practice if it aligns with their operational strategies and customer service goals.

“We believe this adjustment will lead to a better overall experience for both consumers and industry stakeholders,” said an RVIA spokesperson. “We encourage all RV manufacturers to consider the benefits and make an informed decision.”

As the RV industry continues to grow, the implementation of such practices demonstrates a commitment to improving the consumer experience and enhancing operational efficiency. The new model year changeover period is part of a broader effort to address industry challenges and foster a more transparent and efficient marketplace.

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