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Family Opens RV Park In Nebraska

After a string of setbacks, a new RV park on the east edge of Nebraska‘s Kimball City will soon become a reality, a report said. The previous Ridgewood or Boeing Trailer Park will now be referred to as Rook RV Park.

Next week, 34-36 sites should be ready to welcome “traveling workers.” The RV park’s infrastructure is entirely new from the sewer to water to electricity. Sonny Porter, the owner, chuckled, saying, “It is a little spendy.” The only element of the infrastructure still in good shape is the main water supply.

“Our only hold up now,” he stated, “is our being able to get stuff.”

Everything they’ve ordered comes per piece, just a handful at a stretch, from numerous distributors.

We have 30 steel power pedestals on-site, and we need 130 of them,” Porter declared.

His wife, Kathy Porter, said, “We have to go to different suppliers.” She went on to talk about the heated water risers: “We have 85 on order, and we are supposed to get 25 of them in the next week or so.”

As a private park, city and state inspections aren’t required. However, the Porters claimed they went over and beyond, obtaining inspections from the department of water, the health department, and the State electrical engineer. They already have their lodging and sales tax numbers.

As the chairman of the Public Works Board for the City of Kimball, Sonny Porter has set out to keep things in check “to avoid any perception of impropriety.” Sonny Porter said they paid for all inspections, landfill fees and also hired an engineering company to work with the town “so our system is 100% compatible.”

This project started when the Porters bought the property three years back. They fought through foreclosures and courts as well as tax liens and multiple interests in the property. Then, they started locating every infrastructure and formulated an action plan for the demolition and replacement of transformers. They then identified gate mounts and fire hydrants.

They plan to have 52 additional sites ready by Christmas, but there will be 130 sites available. The following summer, the park will be equipped with maintenance facilities that include six ADA restrooms, dryers, and washers. Landscaping and a recreational building will soon be added.

It has required a team of Porters to set up the RV park. Each one has their specialization.

Sonny Porter does the control and layout, as well as set up and diagrams. Kathy manages ordering, permitting, and paperwork while Gerry has set up the 34-36 sites, working six or seven days a week.

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March 25, 2024 1:04 am

I’m so pumped about the Rook RV Park in Nebraska! It’s not your average spot. it’s all about cozy campfires, a handy store, and cool events hosted by Sonny and Kathy Porter.


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