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Haleakalā National Park Proposes Campground Fee Increases, Seeks Public Feedback

Haleakalā National Park in Hawaii seeks public feedback on proposed increases to campground fees for frontcountry (drive-in) and backcountry (Crater) campgrounds. The proposed new rate is $20 per night per site, aimed at addressing maintenance costs and aligning with fees at comparable campgrounds on Maui.

The park has noted that, despite being fully reserved, campgrounds were occupied at less than 75% capacity over the past year. This discrepancy points to an issue with unused reservations, which the proposed fee adjustments aim to address. The reservation system, managed by Recreation.gov, will remain unchanged.

Superintendent Natalie Gates emphasized the importance of campground fees in enhancing visitor facilities and services. “Campground fees are used to improve visitor facilities, including visitor centers, trails, and restrooms; protect our native wildlife species and landscapes; and provide brochures, exhibits, web-based museum exhibits, and cultural demonstrations,” Gates said in a press release.

Since 1997, fee revenues have funded over $42 million in projects at Haleakalā National Park. These funds have supported initiatives such as improving the visitor experience at sunrise, expanding night sky programs, and engaging visitors in traditional Hawaiian cultural practices.

Recent projects financed by campground fees include repairs to the Hōlua Visitor Cabin and upgrades to visitor restrooms. These enhancements improve the visitor experience and ensure the preservation of the park’s natural and cultural resources. Additionally, the park’s fee program also funds school programs that include transportation to the park and community outreach initiatives.

The park invites comments from May 24 to June 22. Comments will not be accepted by fax, email, or bulk submissions. Additionally, personal identifying information in comments may be made publicly available, though requests to withhold such information can be made.

According to its website, Haleakalā National Park showcases lush rainforests, rugged coastlines, and volcanic landscapes above the clouds. The park anticipates a busy 2024 season.

The case of Haleakalā National Park’s approach to managing campground fee increases offers important insights for private RV park owners and campground operators. Implementing a similar strategy of engaging with their local community and regular visitors can lead to more informed decisions and garner support among local stakeholders for future developments.

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