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Colorado Tiny House Festival to Feature Sturdier Yurts, Unique RVs, and Tiny Homes

Yurts, tiny homes, customized RVs, converted vans, and more are just some things that attendees can see for themselves at The Colorado Tiny House Festival on June 25 and 26. The annual event, which began in 2017, celebrates tiny homes (some on wheels) by congregating builders, DIYers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts.

Visitors and vendors will assemble at Riverdale Regional Park in Brighton to connect and learn more about the up-and-coming things in the tiny house sector.

Art Laubach, the event’s organizer, shared that new this year are higher-grade yurts that are more capable of long-term use. Exhibitors are also preparing something new for attendees.

Colorado Tiny House Festival, custom RV
Photo Courtesy of Dan Zenk/Colorado Tiny House Festival

“[T]he builders and the DIYers are bringing some very unique structures. And a lot of them are very mobile, and they’re used for camping—they’re used for recreation,” Laubach told Modern Campground.

Photo Courtesy of TruForm Tiny/Colorado Tiny House Festival

Whether upscale or off-grid, many of these custom recreational vehicles have residential components that Laubach believes make them “far more reliable, far more long-lasting, and far more superior to four-season camping than any RV you’re going to buy from a major RV dealer.” 

Reflecting the demand for more sustainable products, many of the structures heading to the 2022 show use different kinds of materials than what the previous festivals have featured. An upcoming trend is utilizing eco-friendly products that use plants and “materials from the earth” to build the accommodations.

Campground or glamping site owners can benefit from attending the show by having the opportunity to meet with professional builders who can provide an array of unique options for glamping.

“And that would be something where you could really kind of transform a campground or even a destination with something that’s really unique for your stay,” Laubach said.

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Tiny House Festival

In fact, being a builder himself, Laubach shared that he has worked with campgrounds that were looking into replacing or adding a cabin that would give campers a unique experience.

“So it gives them […] like a camping destination with maybe a slightly more upscale rental than you would see in kind of the more traditional campground cabin,” he added.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Perez/Colorado Tiny House Festival

Attendees can not only check out attractive container homes, teardrop trailers, and skoolies, but they can also enrich their business knowledge by hearing from industry experts such as Brian Essenmacher of EcoFlow, which is this year’s grand sponsor. Also speaking at the event are big names in the tiny house industry like Alaska Wagoner, Byron Fears, and more.

For years, the Colorado Tiny House Festival has attracted over 20,000 participants, and the CTHF team is anticipating the same visitor turnout this year. About 50 exhibitors will be present to showcase their products and services.

Visit https://coloradotinyhousefestival.com/ for more information.

Interested vendors may fill out this form, while those who want to sponsor may click here.

Featured image from Colorado Tiny House Festival.

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February 15, 2024 11:34 am

Discover the Colorado Tiny House Festival for motivation on sustainable living and innovative accommodation options. A fantastic opportunity to connect and learn!


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