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Transformation on the Horizon: Former Goosnargh Golf Course Set to Become a Pioneering Holiday Village

In the picturesque setting of rural Preston, a new chapter is about to unfold for the former Goosnargh Golf Club site. Plans are in motion to metamorphose this once-popular golfing destination into a state-of-the-art holiday village, breathing new life into the area.

The proposal, currently under consideration by local councilors, paints a vivid picture of the future: 130 modern holiday lodges nestled amidst the green, a dedicated space for 26 touring caravan pitches, and a central hub boasting facilities like a swimming pool and tennis courts. 

This ambitious project aims not only to attract tourists but also to become a beacon of sustainable development in the region.

However, every coin has two sides. While the vision for the Goosnargh Golf Club site is grand, it hasn’t been met without reservations. A section of the local community has voiced concerns, ranging from potential traffic snarls on Inglewhite Road to the environmental ramifications of such a large-scale development. 

The term “derelict”, used by the applicants to describe the site, has been a particular point of contention. Locals argue that the space, though overgrown, remains a verdant haven for wildlife, according to a Blog Preston report.

The debate doesn’t end there. One resident, speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS), expressed fears that the project might paint a misleading picture of the area to the planning committee. 

The resident emphasized the site’s natural beauty, highlighting its lush greenery, flowing waters, and the frequent sight of deer against the backdrop of Beacon Fell.

Yet, the potential benefits of the holiday village are hard to ignore. Beyond boosting local tourism, the development promises to create jobs and stimulate the local economy. The plans also detail provisions for a building to service tourer facilities, a welcoming kiosk, and 14 office pods, indicating a well-thought-out approach to cater to diverse needs.

Environmental considerations have also been addressed in the proposal. Landscaping plans include the planting of mixed-species woodland trees, the enhancement of existing ponds, and the creation of new ones. The intention is clear: to harmonize the development with its natural surroundings.

However, the clock is ticking. With the proposal set to be discussed in the upcoming committee hearing, the fate of the Goosnargh Golf Club site hangs in the balance. As Preston City Council deliberates, the community waits, hopeful that the decision will reflect both progress and preservation.


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