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Canadian Gov’t Investment Boosts Recreational Facilities and Tourism in Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe Regions

In a bid to revitalize tourism and strengthen the economy of the Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe regions, the Government of Canada has provided substantial support to enhance recreational facilities, parks, and trails. 

As per a release, the investment, amounting to nearly CA$140 million, was disbursed through the Tourism Relief Fund (TRF) between 2022 and 2023, benefiting tourism-oriented businesses and organizations throughout southern Ontario.

Recognizing the pivotal role that tourism attractions play in the region’s economy and cultural identity, the government’s commitment to fostering a vibrant future has become evident during Economic Development Week. 

The investments made under the TRF have not only helped businesses recover from the adverse impacts of the pandemic but have also facilitated a warm welcome for visitors, promoting the unique heritage and natural beauty of the area.

Amidst these investments, a notable allocation of over CA$11.2 million has been directed towards 118 tourism businesses and organizations located in Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe, injecting life into their offerings and positioning the region for sustained success. 

The financial support has enabled these entities to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences, leaving a lasting impression while boosting local economies.

TRF support benefited the Kenorous Campground and RV Resort in Port Elgin, which has been granted CA$100,000 to enhance its facilities by adding an additional pool. 

This expansion aims to attract new visitors and elevate the overall camping experience, offering a wider range of recreational activities and amenities. 

The investment serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to providing not just financial assistance but also the tools necessary for businesses to thrive.

Additionally, Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO 7) has played a vital role in supporting tourism businesses and organizations within the region. Through non-repayable contributions of up to CA$100,000, RTO 7 has empowered these entities to further improve their offerings, ensuring they remain competitive and appealing to visitors.

These strategic investments have proven crucial in helping local businesses and organizations in Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe to attract a larger number of visitors, fueling economic growth and fostering more vibrant communities. The injection of funds has not only assisted these entities in recovering from the challenges posed by the pandemic but has also positioned the region as an attractive destination for tourists seeking unique experiences, be it through engaging art installations, enhanced campground amenities, or thrilling paintball tournaments.

As the Government of Canada continues to prioritize the development of tourism and recreational facilities across the country, the investments made in the Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe regions stand as a testament to its commitment to supporting communities and ensuring a prosperous future for all.


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