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Province Awards Logan Lake Nearly CA$1M for Major Campground Expansion

The District of Logan Lake (British Columbia, Canada) has received a substantial grant from the provincial government for the expansion of its community campground. 

The grant, totaling nearly CA$1 million, marks a pivotal development in enhancing the region’s outdoor recreation sector, a CFJC report highlighted.

Mayor Robin Smith, in a recent news release, announced that the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport has allocated CA$992,285 to the district. This funding is earmarked for the first phase of the campground’s expansion, a project that promises to double its current size.

The planned expansion includes the addition of 45 new campsites, significantly increasing the campground’s capacity. This expansion is not just about adding numbers; it’s a strategic move to cater to the growing demand for outdoor recreational spaces in British Columbia.

In addition to the new campsites, the project will see the construction of a large roundhouse and eight cabins. These structures are designed to offer diverse lodging options, catering to different preferences of campers and visitors, thus broadening the appeal of Logan Lake as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mayor Smith emphasized that the expansion will also feature new washrooms and shower facilities. This addition is crucial in enhancing the overall visitor experience, ensuring that the amenities meet the expectations of modern campers.

A unique aspect of this project is the “recognition and inclusion of local Indigenous culture.” This element of the expansion underscores a commitment to cultural respect and inclusivity, integrating the rich heritage of the Indigenous communities into the campground’s environment.

The expansion of the campground is expected to have a ripple effect on the local economy. By attracting more visitors, the project will stimulate economic activity, benefiting local businesses and service providers.

Moreover, the enhanced campground will serve as a hub for outdoor activities, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle among residents and tourists alike. The addition of new facilities will encourage more people to engage in camping, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

The project also aligns with broader environmental goals. By encouraging outdoor recreation, the district is fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and environmental stewardship among the public.

The Logan Lake campground expansion is a testament to the growing importance of outdoor recreation in British Columbia. It reflects a growing trend where communities recognize the value of investing in outdoor hospitality to enhance quality of life and economic vitality.


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