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Major Waterfront Development Proposed in Kaslo

The council in Kaslo, British Columbia (Canada) is currently reviewing a waterfront development proposal. Quality Property Developments Inc. has submitted plans for a new project on a property known locally as South Beach, a Nelson Star report highlighted.

The proposal includes the development of a strata RV park with 75-90 sites. Additionally, plans have been laid out for a boat launch, several private residences, and parkland. This parkland will feature a public trail that runs along the river and ends at Kootenay Lake.

Ian Dunlop, the chief administrative officer of Kaslo, commented on the project’s timeline. “This project has been going on for two years in the background,” said Dunlop. He added that the developers are now ready to present their proposal to the council.

The property in question covers 30 acres. It is bordered by the Kaslo River to the north and Kootenay Lake to the east. Access to the property is via Highway 31, near a new bridge. Out of the total area, 15 acres are designated for development.

Historically, the property was zoned as M-1 Industrial due to its use as a sawmill. However, a 2022 OCP update gave it a Waterfront Development Area designation. This designation restricts the property’s use to passive recreational activities.

The proposal also includes a rezoning request. The developers are seeking to divide the property into three zones. The RV park area is proposed to be zoned as C-4 Commercial Recreation-RV Camping. This zoning classification is not currently part of Kaslo’s zoning bylaw. The developers have provided a draft description of this new zone as part of their application.

The section of the property near the lake, where private residences are planned, is proposed to be rezoned to multi-family residential. Another part of the property, which includes the public riverfront trail leading to the lake, is proposed to be zoned as Parks and Open Space. This area will be owned and maintained by the village.

In addition to the rezoning application, the developers have submitted several assessments to the village. These assessments cover environmental impact, traffic, flood hazards, and sewage dispersal.

The council is expected to review the proposal and the accompanying assessments in the coming weeks. The decision could have implications for the future development and use of the waterfront property in Kaslo.

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March 31, 2024 10:26 pm

How cool is it that Quality Property Developments Inc. is thinking about adding green spaces, renewable energy sources, and water conservation systems to the new South Beach project? It’s awesome to see a focus on sustainability and community values. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

April 15, 2024 6:27 am

Can you picture a tranquil paradise where the sound of waves mingles with the joyous laughter of families? Quality Property Developments Inc.’s dream for South Beach, Kaslo blends nature and modern living for a redefined waterfront experience.

April 24, 2024 7:03 am

Have you heard about the exciting waterfront development proposal in Kaslo? It’s set to transform the area into a bustling recreational hub, offering a blend of amenities and green spaces. I believe it’ll truly enhance community engagement and enjoyment!


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