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Resilience Amid Nature’s Fury: Southland’s DOC Tracks Stand Firm

In the wake of the recent storm that triggered a State of Emergency in Southland, New Zealand the resilience of the Department of Conservation (DOC) tracks in the southern South Island has come to light. 

Despite the natural onslaught, many of these tracks remain open, showcasing the robustness of the infrastructure in place.

The primary challenges faced on the tracks include windfall, with trees and other debris covering the pathways, and erosion caused by the raging floodwaters. These hurdles, however, have not deterred the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to the proactive measures taken by the DOC.

Aaron Fleming, the DOC operations director for Southern South Island, has been at the forefront, advising the public on the necessary precautions. His advisories emphasize checking the DOC website or contacting visitor centers for updated track conditions before venturing out, a practice that ensures the safety of the public.

Moreover, the public is encouraged to report any damage to their local DOC office. This collaborative approach between the DOC and the public ensures that the tracks remain in a usable state, despite the adversities posed by natural calamities, as reported by Stuff Southland Times.

The efforts of the DOC staff in assessing and repairing the tracks post-storm are commendable. The meticulous process involves clearing fallen trees, repairing broken bridges, and ensuring the tracks are safe for public use, a testament to the DOC’s commitment to maintaining these natural treasures.

Some tracks have borne the brunt of the storm, necessitating their closure. These include the Lake Sylvan Track near Glenorchy and the Mt Crichton Loop near Queenstown, among others. The closures, albeit inconvenient, are a necessary measure to ensure public safety until repairs are completed.

The broader narrative also touches on the increasing frequency of significant weather events affecting the DOC tracks. The February 2020 storm, for instance, caused substantial damage to tracks, huts, and bridges across Otago and Fiordland, painting a picture of the challenges faced by the DOC.

Even four years post the February 2020 storm, repair work is ongoing, showcasing the time and resources required to restore the tracks, huts, and bridges. This scenario underscores the importance of building resilience across DOC’s infrastructure network to combat the impacts of climate change.

The local communities, recreational users, and tourism operators are the beneficiaries of the DOC’s relentless efforts in keeping the tracks open and safe. The tracks not only provide a gateway to exploring the natural beauty of Southland but also play a crucial role in promoting local tourism.

Moreover, the appreciation for DOC’s efforts extends beyond the local communities. The proactive measures and continuous updates on track conditions reflect a model of public service that prioritizes safety while promoting the enjoyment of natural resources.

The additional insights from Thaiger World reiterate the importance of public caution and making informed decisions before heading out. The DOC’s active exploration of ways to enhance the resilience of its infrastructure network is a step in the right direction, ensuring the tracks remain accessible for years to come.

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Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown
April 26, 2024 9:32 pm

Have you heard about Aaron Fleming’s tech-savvy approach to track monitoring? It’s like having a smartwatch for nature trails! His initiatives and the community’s efforts are a winning combo for preserving the DOC tracks. Let’s keep these paths safe and enjoyable for all outdoor enthusiasts!


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