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New RV Parking Permit System in Sharjah Eases Stress for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Sharjah Municipality (United Arab Emirates) has announced the launch of a new parking permit system for recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers in the Al Mamzar area. 

This new system is aimed at addressing one of the biggest challenges for campers – finding suitable parking spaces for their vehicles.

For RVers, this new system means greater ease and convenience when it comes to finding suitable parking spaces. No longer will they have to worry about finding a safe and suitable parking spot for their vehicle. With the new permits, RV and trailer owners can enjoy the great outdoors without the stress of parking issues.

To obtain a parking permit, vehicle owners can visit the customer service counter at the Control & Inspection Department in Sharjah Industrial Area 5 or submit their application via email to [email protected]. Required documents must be included with the application.

For private campground owners and operators, this new system presents an opportunity to attract more RVers to their facilities. By promoting their campsites as an ideal place for RV and trailer owners to park, they can attract new customers and increase their revenue.

The new parking permit system also has the potential to increase tourism to the Al Mamzar area. As more people are able to park their RVs and trailers in designated areas, they may choose to spend more time exploring the area and supporting local businesses.

RV and trailer owners in Sharjah can now look forward to stress-free camping trips, knowing that they will have access to suitable parking facilities.


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