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New Dubai Luxury RV Park To Open Soon

On October 1st, Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub will begin their fourth season, which will last through May 2022. The resort is already renowned for its amazing glamping (glamorous camping) options, and this year, Hatta has added a new option, a report said.

Hatta Caravan Park holds 11 luxurious caravans that can accommodate three kids and two adults. The caravans come with a bed, sofa bed, television, kitchenette as well as free WiFi. Guests can have an exclusive stay starting at DHS 1,350 or 368 USD per night.

You can also camp in the open air at Hatta Wadi Hub, with an option of 18 campsites to put up tents and 10 sites to set up RVs. Prices start starting at Dhs129 ($35) and Dhs299 ($81).

Hatta Dome Park was launched in April. It featured 15 luxurious dome-shaped tents that can accommodate up to two adults and two kids. The tents include a full spectrum of facilities, including free wireless internet, a mini-fridge as well as televisions, and many other amenities.

During their time at the camp, the guests will have fun with various outdoor activities like E-bikes, Rovers, 4-wheel off-road electric scooters, zip-lining the Hatta Drop-In Water Slide, Cannon human slingshot, and tubes that slide down the hills.

There are 32.6 kilometers of hiking routes. The trails are divided into four color-coded routes with various difficulty levels, suitable for beginners all the way to advanced hikers and off-road runners. They offer stunning views of the mountains and wadi views along the route.

The next step in Hatta’s story is the growth of Hatta’s entrepreneurial community and helping to support the local creative community and culture through an alliance with Dubai Culture.

The project is part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan that seeks to overhaul the landscape of the Emirate completely, dramatically growing community, economic, and recreational spaces and nature reserves in the coming 20 years.

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February 15, 2024 12:03 pm

This is going to be an amazing addition! The Hatta Caravan Park in Dubai will offer dome-shaped tents for a unique luxurious experience in the stunning natural surroundings. I’m thrilled about the stargazing and guided nature walks, a perfect way to immerse in Hatta’s opulence and beauty.


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