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Outdoor Hospitality Expert: Invest in Change for the Industry

NEOM Hotel Development, a standalone division of the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, is taking bold strides toward shaping the future of hospitality through cutting-edge innovation and a commitment to empowering its workforce.

In a column published at Hospitality Net, Chris Newman, executive director of NEOM Hotel Development, highlighted the importance of the positive change that can be brought forward through the investment in time, intellect, and expertise in the hospitality industry to keep up with changing times.

As the world grapples with evolving consumer habits and technological advancements, NEOM Hotel Development is embracing the opportunity to create a new frontier in experiential hospitality, redefining how guests travel, stay, and live.

The Future Hospitality Summit Saudi Arabia (FHS) has chosen the theme “Invest in Change” for this year’s conference, recognizing the importance of positive change in the hospitality industry. NEOM Hotel Development exemplifies this ethos, as it leverages the unique environment of NEOM, a cognitive community built from scratch with predictive and proactive technologies, to revolutionize the guest experience and serve as a beacon of leadership and ingenuity for other sectors to follow.

The column highlighted the critical differentiators of NEOM Hotel Development; one is its ability to bring to life properties built around groundbreaking and diverse concepts with seamless services tailored to guest profiles. From biometric check-in and room access to AI-powered cognitive concierges, predictive solutions take hospitality trends to the next level, enhancing guest experiences and personalizing stays based on interests, lifestyle, well-being preferences, and health considerations.

However, NEOM Hotel Development recognizes that technology should maintain the importance of the human element in hospitality.

According to Newman, empowering people lies at the core of NEOM’s philosophy, and the division is focused on developing a dynamic and diverse workforce that showcases human creativity as a primary driver of value and novel experiences. NEOM Hotel Development is committed to making hospitality an attractive career path and nurturing proud Saudi ambassadors who will shape the industry’s future.

In addition to empowering its workforce, NEOM Hotel Development is investing in change by promoting democratization in the workplace. With a fluidity of roles and responsibilities and a prototype mindset that brings concepts to life quickly and frequently, NEOM Hotel Development fosters a hyper-collaboration and community-building culture, transcending traditional hierarchies to encourage bold and creative ideation.

As the world emerges from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, NEOM Hotel Development recognizes that comprehensive recovery requires proactive action. Embracing change and being at the forefront of innovation is essential to thriving in the new era. NEOM Hotel Development exemplifies this ethos by pioneering the future of hospitality through innovative solutions and empowering its workforce to create meaningful and memorable experiences for guests. The NEOM project is not just about building a world-class tourism sector but also fueling the diversification goals of Saudi Vision 2030, making it a beacon of change and progress in the global hospitality industry.

Featured image from NEOM.


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