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Luxury Travel Company ‘Roam’ to Launch Glamping Experience in Saudi Arabia

Luxury travel company Roam has announced plans to open a glamping experience for travellers in Saudi Arabia. 

The upscale nomad-style camp will be launched in May in the mountainous region of Taif, providing guests with a back-to-nature stay in bell tents on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains. 

The accommodations will be equipped with outdoor music systems, yoga mats, and board games. Outdoor activities such as quad biking, archery, hiking, kite-flying, and stargazing will also be available, with expert astronomers on hand to guide the stargazing sessions.

The camp will change location every eight to 12 weeks to follow the seasons, giving travellers access to largely undiscovered regions of Saudi Arabia

Roam’s first tourism offering will allow guests to experience unique activities and local businesses, such as rose harvesting in Taif or banana plantation farming in Al Baha. 

The company will also work with locals and small businesses to offer guests experiences that are unique to each locale.

Roam’s mobile camps, e-buggies, and private dining at unique locations across the kingdom are among the products on offer. 

Guests will be able to experience a unique and luxurious stay while supporting local businesses and discovering undiscovered regions of Saudi Arabia.

Roam is founded by Saudi Arabia’s Cool Inc, a lifestyle curator known for its upscale food, cultural and travel experiences, and luxury yachting company Pelorus. 

The company also offers travellers the opportunity to book tours, accommodation, aviation, and concierge services.

Roam’s managing director Stuart McNair said, “We have a huge list of products that we’re bringing to the market.”

“We have everything from the small and personal such as Instagrammable walking tours, art tours, private cookery lessons, all the way to big products such as our mobile camps, day camps and coast-to-coast expeditions through the Empty Quarter,” McNair added.

Roam’s nomad-style camp in Saudi Arabia is a prime example of the growing trend of luxury camping, offering guests a back-to-nature stay in bell tents equipped with modern amenities and outdoor activities.

Moreover, Roam’s approach to glamping is unique in that it offers guests a chance to experience different regions of Saudi Arabia that are largely undiscovered by tourists. The camp’s mobility and focus on supporting local businesses also align with the growing trend of sustainable and responsible tourism.

About Roam
Is an innovative luxury Destination Management Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched March 2023 that offers luxurious travel packages for their customers.


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