Walden (Canada 1996 Census population 10,292) was a town in the Canadian province of Ontario, existing from 1973 to 2000. Created as part of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury when regional government was introduced, the town was dissolved when the city of Greater Sudbury was incorporated on January 1, 2001. The name Walden continues to be informally used to designate the area. Walden now constitutes most of Ward 2 on Greater Sudbury City Council, and is represented by councillor Michael Vagnini. The entirety of Walden was also redistricted into the federal Sudbury electoral district as of the 2004 election, although it remains in the provincial constituency of Nickel Belt. In the Canada 2011 Census, the areas of Lively, Waters, Mikkola and Naughton were grouped for the first time as the population centre (or urban area) of Lively, with a population of 6,922 and a population density of 350.9/km2. No separate population statistics were published for the more rural western portion of Walden, which was counted only as part of the city’s overall census data.

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