Communities in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada include incorporated municipalities, unincorporated communities and First Nations communities. Types of incorporated municipalities include urban municipalities, rural municipalities and northern municipalities. Urban municipalities are further classified into four sub-types – cities, towns, villages and resort villages. Northern municipalities, which are located in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District (NSAD), are further classified into three sub-types – northern towns, northern villages and northern hamlets. Rural municipalities are not classified into sub-types. Types of unincorporated communities include hamlets and organized hamlets within rural municipalities and northern settlements within the NSAD. The administration of rural municipalities, towns, villages, resort villages, organized hamlets, and hamlets is regulated by The Municipalities Act, while the administration of cities is regulated by The Cities Act. Administration of northern towns, northern villages, northern hamlets, and northern settlements (those within the NSAD) is regulated by The Northern Municipalities Act. In the 2011 Census, Saskatchewan’s communities combined for a total provincial population of 1,033,381.

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