Grunthal (German: Grünthal) is a small town in the Rural Municipality of Hanover, Manitoba, located 15 miles southwest of Steinbach, and about 50 minutes south of Winnipeg. It had a population of 1,479 in 2011. Tourist attractions include Grunthal’s Annual Fairdays held on the third weekend in August; it features a parade and a rodeo, among other activities. Schools include the K to Grade 4 South Oaks School and the Grades 5 to 12 Green Valley School, all part of the Hanover School Division. Grunthal includes a variety of Mennonite churches, and businesses. Its economy is primarily agrarian-based. Grunthal is also host to one of the best Motocross tracks in Manitoba, in past years the track hosted numerous Canadian Motocross National events with countries top riders coming to race. Grunthal is home to the Grunthal Red Wings, hockey teams ranging from squirts to junior. Grunthal is a German name and can be translated as Greenvalley (Grün = green + Thal = valley). Its early pioneers spoke Plautdietsch (Low German). The area was originally settled in 1876 by immigrants of Mennonites from Imperial Russia; it is now populated with their descendants, and also with people of Ukrainian descent, recent German immigrants, as well as Canadians of various other ethnicities.

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