The Chilcotin region of British Columbia is usually known simply as “the Chilcotin”, and also in speech commonly as “the Chilcotin Country” or simply Chilcotin. It is a plateau and mountain region in British Columbia on the inland lea of the Coast Mountains on the west side of the Fraser River. Chilcotin is also the name of the river draining that region. In the language of the Chilcotin people their name and the name of the river means “people of the red ochre river” (its tributary the Chilko River means “red ochre river”) The Chilcotin district is often viewed as an extension of the Cariboo region, east of that river, although it has a distinct identity from the Cariboo District. It is, nonetheless, part of the Cariboo Regional District which is a municipal-level body governing some aspects of infrastructure and land-used planning. The vast majority of the population are First Nations people, members of the Tsilhqot’in and Dakelh peoples, while others are non-native settlers and ranchers.

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