BeWILDerwood is an adventure park for families located in Horning, a parish in the English county of Norfolk. Self-described as a “curious treehouse adventure,” the attraction is situated in a woodland area and features treehouses, rope bridges, slides, zip wires, a maze, and two special areas for children under five called “Toddlewood-on-the-Hill” and “Toddlewood Valley.” The original branding was created by Purple Circle. Entrance is as if to the whole forest and the adventure world of rope bridges and treehouses is a river ride away, through the ‘swamp’ and past the creature who blows bubbles to the surface! Disembark and you are a world away from the plastic, risk free playthings of your local park. Swings are three people wide as are some of the slides. The canopy of trees protects against even the most inclement weather and the yurts dotted around the earthy centre afford shelter for partygoers, sleepovers and facepainters alike. The park’s rides and other features are based on characters and events in A Boggle at BeWILDerwood and The Bewilderbats, books for children written by BeWILDerwood’s owner, Tom Blofeld and illustrated by Steve Pearce. A Boggle at BeWILDerwood recounts the adventures of Swampy the marsh boggle as he struggles to overcome his fears and be a little braver. In the sequel, Bewilderbats, Swampy and his friends set out to rescue a tiny Twiggle who is stuck up a tree.

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