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News for March 28, 2023

Winter Texans Still in Rockport, Boost City’s Economy


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Rockport (Texas) officials are thrilled to witness a massive influx of Winter Texans this tourist season, according to a report.

Officials shared that so many tourists have been coming to the town over the last few years that new RV parks needed to open to accommodate the visitors.

Winter Texans come to Rockport due to the warm weather. They also check out historical places, and wildlife is another major factor.

Sandy Jumper, vice president of Marketing & Promotion at the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, stated that travelers have plenty of activities to enjoy in the city.

“There’s a lot to do, not to mention the fishing, kayaking. You can just do a lot of the stuff, even if it’s cold,” Jumper said. “So it doesn’t really matter to these people that it’s winter to us and we are wearing jackets. They’re coming from the north, and they think they’ve hit sunny skies.”

The report also mentioned Michelle Lewis, president of the Rockport Fulton RV Park Council. She has numerous RV parks throughout the region and is aware of the economic impact of the thousands of Winter Texans who stay in Rockport.

“We have about 72 RV parks here in our area,” Lewis said. “That is up from 58 in 2021, so we are growing in numbers.”

Officials don’t have any data yet on this Winter Texan season, but all indications point towards another year of record-breaking growth for this crucial aspect of the tourist season, which is essential for the city’s economy.

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